How to use Free Fire Ryden Character

Garena has introduced a “Free Fire Ryden Character” in its latest OB43 update. Along with the character, the patch also added several other features to the game, including Chaos events, map changes, and more. While many lucky players experienced these features in the Free Fire OB43 Advanced Server a few weeks ago, others were left to wait for the final patch release.

With the Free Fire update now available in the game, you may wonder how you can use its refreshed features to enhance your gameplay, such as the Raiden character.

Free Fire Ryden character

A technologist, Ryden is a 16-year-old inventive genius whose rationality far exceeds that of his peers. His genius invention can be of great help in achieving Booyah.

Raiden has the Spider Trap skill which allows him to release an explosive spider that traps the first enemy he encounters. It also slows the enemy’s movement speed and drains his 10 HP per second for three seconds.

Note that the taken-out spider lasts for 30 seconds, and the Spider Trap skill Cool Down at 75 seconds.

How to use Free Fire Ryden Character

The best ways to use Free Fire Raiden character are given below:-

Eliminate the Enemy with Frags

Raiden’s protruding spider will slow down the enemy’s movement, so the frags will make it easier to eliminate the enemy. Throw the grenade immediately toward the captured enemy, and since its speed is slow, the enemy will have relatively little time to move away from the explosion.

For this strategy, pair the character with Moko, Alvaro, and Nikita, because after capturing the enemy, Moko will reveal the location of the enemy, Alvaro will allow you to throw two pieces at once in his direction, and Nikita will reveal the enemy’s medkit. Will hinder effectiveness.

For passive players

passive players can join Free Fire Raiden with Nikita, Luna, and Jota characters. This Free Fire character combination will help you capture the enemy easily. Stay still until an enemy comes within a reasonable distance and then release the spider to slow down the enemy.

Due to Luna’s ability, you will have better speed and firing rate than the enemy in the upcoming shootout. In addition, Jota will give you extra HP, and Nikita will ensure a good reload speed.

How to Get Free Fire Ryden Character

You can get the Ryden character by completing the challenges given in the in-game events section. These challenges include playing the BR, CS, or LW modes of the title multiple times before January 30, 2024, to obtain the Raiden character featured in the Free Fire OB43 update.

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