How to use FREE FIRE fonts for your in-game name

In any game, the name of the player becomes a very important part. It is the same in FREE FIRE also. Unique and attractive names are in great demand these days, and surely you too would like to enjoy them. If your Android or IOS device does not have special characters, then do not worry, sportskeeda will help you in this also.

In this article we will tell you how you can add cool characters in your FREE FIRE in-game name.

Websites you can take help from:

There are many websites from where you can choose. and are the best websites according to us.

In you can customize your name as per your choice and also choose the font of your choice. You will write the name of your choice and the website will modify it for you. You can also choose different names given on the site.

In you can enter the name of your choice and then you can choose the modified one that suits you best. It also has many fonts.

How to set name in FREE FIRE

Copy the nickname of your choice and follow the steps below:

1) Open FREE FIRE on your phone.

2)Go to the profile section which will appear on the top left corner.

3) Click on the yellow notebook icon.

4)A box will appear asking you to enter a nickname.

5) Your nickname will be changed by giving 390 diamonds.

As you know that Free Fire users charge for changing the nickname, so make sure that you choose the best name and change it.

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