How to use Dynamic Duo feature in Free Fire?

Free Fire keeps bringing new features from time to time. Garena has recently added a feature called Dynamic Duo. Actually, it was brought with OB44 update on February 9. In fact, with the help of these features, you can create a different bond with your friends in the game. Along with this, you can get many rewards by completing tasks in the game.

How to use Dynamic Duo feature in Free Fire?

step 1: First of all you will need a golden wow key. You can buy it from the store for 100 diamonds.

Step 2: Go to the Friends section and then click on Dynamic Duo.

Step 3: Select the plus button and then a list will open and here you have to select a friend. With this one of our golden vows ends.


Players’ teammates will have 8 hours to complete the request. However, if they do not respond then it will be considered rejected. Also the Golden Vow will be returned.

Players do not have the option to cancel Dynamic Duo Bonds within the first 24 hours. However, you can break your connection from within the Dynamic Duo tab.

How to get Golden Vow for free in Free Fire?

If you do not want to spend 100 diamonds to get the Golden Wave, then you can get this voucher for free by logging in today i.e. on 14th February. After this you can use the amazing feature of Dynamic Duo with your friend for free.

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