How to upgrade Evo Gun Skins by new Evolution in Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: Evo gun skins are very much liked in Free Fire MAX. The look of these skins is quite good and the power of the gun also improves. Evo gun skins also have special effects and animations. Garena has recently released the new Evolution event. In this article, we will know how players can increase the level of Evo Gun Skins from here.

How to upgrade Evo Gun Skins by new Evolution in Free Fire MAX?

The Evolution event of Free Fire MAX has started recently. You can upgrade your Evo Gun Skins from here at a low price. Here you will have to spin by spending diamonds and if you are lucky, then the skin will be upgraded. The cost of one spin here is 25 diamonds and you can do 10 spins for 225 diamonds.

You should upgrade only those skins which you have had for a long time. It is a good option not to upgrade to the new skin yet. Let us tell you that upgrading your skin is completely dependent on luck. Your diamonds may not be completely gone. You will rarely get the option to upgrade skins in the initial spins, things may change after spending some time.

What is the benefit of upgrading the Evo gun skin?

There are two benefits of upgrading the Evo gun skin in Free Fire MAX. The first thing is that the look of the skin becomes better. Along with this, the kill feed that appears on elimination looks beautiful. The effect of animation can be seen. The emote also comes with the Evo Gun skin. Along with this, the strength of the skin also increases. This gives benefits in other things including damage, rate of fire, reload speed and movement speed.

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