How to take advantage of using diamonds in Free Fire?

There are many bundles, weapon skins and other things available in Garena Free Fire. Players buy these things with the help of diamonds. However, to buy diamonds, one has to spend out of pocket. Because of this, players should always use diamonds wisely.

How to use diamonds properly in Free Fire?

#1 – Invest in the Elite Pass

Buying Elite Pass in Free Fire will be the best option. After purchasing the Elite Pass, you can get many rewards by doing easy tasks. An elite pass costs 499 diamonds. You can get different types of things by completing all the missions.

#2 – Buy Characters

Every player must invest in characters in Free Fire. This does not spoil your diamonds because you get help from them during the match. You can buy characters according to your playing style. If you invest in powerful characters like Alok and Chrono, you will definitely get huge benefits. These characters are present in 599 diamonds.

#3 – Avoid investing in powerups and items

There is no point in spending diamonds to buy PowerUp and HeadStart. Many such things are available just by logging in every day. You can also get these things from events.

Note: The author has expressed his opinion in this article. You can use diamonds as per your need.

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