How to setup Factory Challenge in Free Fire?

Factory Challenge is very much liked in Free Fire MAX. Many players play this mode. Basically it’s a custom room mode and it’s a lot of fun. Many people do not know much about this mode. In this article we will talk about the same.

How to setup Factory Challenge in Free Fire?

You can set up a Factory Challenge in Free Fire MA in just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Click on the mode selection option in Free Fire MAX.

Step 2: You will find Custom button, select it.


Step 3: You have to click on the Create button.

Step 4: Enter the room name and set the password.

Step 5: You have to select the Bermuda map and then adjust Team Mode, Players and Spectators.

In this you can also set limits on revival, HP, movement speed, zone speed, jump height and other things.

Step 5: Click on Confirm button and a dialog box will open, confirm things from there.

A custom room is for one-time use and if you have an unlimited card, then there will be no problems.

What is Factory Challenge Mode in Free Fire MAX?

The Factory Challenge is actually a custom room mode in Free Fire MAX. In this you have to land at Factory, a famous place on the Bermuda map. Also, instead of fights with guns, there are fist fights. The player who survives till the end wins.

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