How to Report In Free Fire: Report Free Fire

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So how are you guys, so in today’s blog post I am going to tell you how you can send report to Garena in freefire, and apart from this I will also give you complete information about Garena’s customer support site. So let’s start this post today.

How to send report in Free Fire

For Freefire players, garena has created a customer support site, with the help of which Freefire players can contact/report garena. You can also open Garena’s customer support site on chrome browser, apart from this you also get the option of report in the game, but here I would suggest you to use chrome browser. You will have more convenience in chrome browser.
I am giving here a link to Garena’s customer support site, you can report to Garena by visiting this site and in this post I am telling you how to report.
Many problems come in front of us in freefire, so keeping this in mind, the report on Garena’s customer support site is ‘catagory’, which report will come in which ‘catagory’, I will also tell you by writing an article on this website.
I have given some report posts here, if the one you want to report is any of these, then you should read that post directly so that you do not have to face much trouble.
Garena Free fire Customer support site-
So let us now know about Garena’s customer support site, I will give you complete information about this site in this post.
Website UI 
If we talk about the UI of Garena freefire customer support site, then here we get to see a simple UI, so you will not have any difficulty in understanding this website, you will easily understand here what you will get at which place.
Here you will find some already uploaded articles, if your problem is also from these articles, then you may not even have to report and if you find a solution to your problem and still do not get it, then you can report.
Here you will find the same articles which will be in Garena’s eyes and many players will be reporting it to Garena.
Report Catagory-
Here you get to see 4 report catagory, in these 4 categories you have to send all the reports, just to understand here that the one you have to report will come in which category, you have to send the report keeping in mind.
Report Catagory Details
Now I will tell you which report category you have to choose for which problem.
You have to keep this thing in mind that if you select the wrong category for your problem then no action will be taken on your report, so you have to choose the right category for your problem.
So let us now know about the report category, which category you get to see on Garena’s freefire support site-
You’ll find this on Garena’s customer support site, but it’s not a category. When you click on it, then a new page will open in front of you and you will see some articles in it, here you will see all the announcements made by Garena and all the notices given. If you want to stay updated from Garena’s side then you can read this, it can prove to be very beneficial for you.
This is our first report category. There are problems related to all payments in this category, the problem can be anything, if the problem is related to payment, then choose this category and send your report.
This is our second report category. Select this category if you want to report a problem that is related to the game. Usually, there are more reports in this category because there are many problems related to payment and game in the game.
This is our third report category. If you are facing any technical problem in the game then you should choose this category.

Example- If your ping is getting high while your internet speed is correct,

An event page is not working properly in Free fire, or
An item has disappeared from your vault after a patch update, etc.!
You have to report all these problems in this category.

3• Promoted Articles-

Here you will get to see some promoted articles on this site. Here Garena publishes articles on its support site about the players who are reporting more and you will see all those articles in the section of Promoted Articles. Here you can also see the solution related to your problem, then you should also pay attention to these articles so that you do not have to report and wait for Garena’s reply.
4• Recent activity-
Here you will get to see all the articles published by garena, which garena has published recently, if your problem is related to the recent changes in the game, then you must see it, maybe. Get the solution of your problem here.
Note-  Now we have got information about all the things of Garena support site, now we will know how to submit you report form, if you want to report hacker then I have already posted a post for that on my website. It has been published, you can see it, the link of that post has been given to you here.
How to Open Report Form-
If you want to report to garena for any problem of freefire then you have to send report to garena but you don’t see any direct button on garena’s customer support site so that you can open the report form and fill it to garena to send a report.
So let me tell you in the solution of this too, so to open the report form, you have to click on publish article on any garena’s customer support site, now you have to scroll down, at the end of the article you have to submit The option of ‘a request’ will appear. As soon as you click on this button, the report form will open in front of you.
After that you have to choose the category according to your problem and send the report by filling the report form completely.
Note- I am not showing you here by filling the report form because in this post I have not told anything related to reporting on any main topic. In the rest, I will give you a separate post related to reporting on some topics, so that it will be easy for you to report.
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