How to play ranked matches in Free Fire?

There are famous battle royale games based on mobile platforms in the world, like COD, Free Fire, PUBG Mobile are the options. Also, Free Fire has created a very important place in the competitive field.

Free Fire games provide many modes to the players, out of which Rank Mode is the most famous. Everyone wants to reach the lowest tier Bronze and high tier Grandmaster in Free Fire. Well, in this article we are going to tell you how to play ranked matches in Free Fire.

What is ranked mode in Free Fire?

In Free Fire Rank Mode, players can increase RP (Rank Points) by playing ranked matches. There is a reason behind this, as the player’s RP increases, at the end of the season, people are given rewards on the basis of RP, these rewards are given on the basis of the player’s tier.

It is not common for a player to reach the higher tier, for this people have to work hard from the very beginning, only then they can hardly get Grandmaster.

How to play ranked matches in Free Fire?

Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Start Free Fire, and click on the mode change button on the right side of the screen.

Step 2: The player will see many modes, click on Rank Mode.

Players can easily play Clash Squad Rank, Clash Squad, Rank Mode in Free Fire by following the steps given above and have fun with friends.

All tiers in Free Fire

Bronze RP 1000-1300

Silver RP 1301-1600

Gold – RP 1601-2100

Platinum RP 2101-2600

Diamond RP 2601-3200

Heroic RP 3200+

Grand Master – 300 players in one server.

Note: This article is for beginning players who have trouble getting started. Follow the steps above and some people may even know about it.

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