How to play Free Fire without lag?

Garena Free Fire is very famous. There is sometimes lag in this game. In this article, we are going to talk about some tips with the help of which you can reduce the lag in Free Fire.

How to play Free Fire without lag?

Players have to face lag in the game due to some reason. There can be different reasons for this. By doing these things you can save the game from lag. You can avoid game lag by following these tips:

#1 Block apps running in the background

Players should always keep in mind that while playing Garena Free Fire, they should close all the apps running in the background. Due to this, the internet runs slowly and a lot of RAM is also used. This increases the chances of lag. Because of this, closing the apps will reduce the chances of lag.

#2 By reducing graphics

Players may also face lag due to graphics. Because of this, if you have kept the graphics on high then the game will definitely lag. You can reduce the graphics by going to settings and this will definitely reduce the lag easily.

#3 By turning off the auto-update feature

There is an auto update feature on Google Play Store and from here games and apps are updated automatically. This consumes a lot of data and hence the game gets high ping. Because of this the lag increases.

Also, players should never use other third-party apps like GFX Tools. Things like this will be counted as cheating by Garena Free Fire. Doing this may result in the account being banned forever.

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