How to level up quickly in Free Fire MAX?

Everyone wants to perform well in Free Fire MAX and experience increases with time. Rank increases with each season in the game but the level remains the same with each ID. As your level increases, you appear to be a better player and many things in the match are unlocked only for people with higher levels. You can increase your level in some ways. In this article we will take a look at them.

How to level up quickly in Free Fire MAX?

1- Use EXP Cards

By using EXP cards you can level up faster. With EXP cards you get more points in the match. For this reason, you should get these cards from the store section and apply and play matches, it becomes easier to increase the level.

2- By spending more diamonds

Topping up and buying diamonds in the game gives you free EXP points. Many people also use this method to increase the level. If you can afford diamonds and need it, then the money can be spent.

3- Play higher ranked matches

EXP points are available here in both Classic and Ranked matches. You get points for surviving and killing. Always survive till the end and play in ranked mode. This will keep the rank increasing and improve in terms of EXP level.

4- Complete Daily Missions

Missions come every day in Free Fire MAX and you can get more EXP points by completing them. You see the Missions option near the map section.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s choice may be slightly different regarding the method of increasing the level.)

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