How to increase K/D ratio quickly in Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: Keeping the K/D ratio high in Free Fire MAX is a very difficult task. For this one has to work hard and perform well continuously. This work is not at all easy and it takes a lot of hard work. In this article we will learn about some ways by which K/D ratio can be increased.

How to increase K/D ratio quickly in Free Fire MAX?

It is important to take the right decision in the initial moments of the match. This enables you to survive longer, which plays an important role in increasing your K/D ratio. Initially, land in a place where a limited amount of players can land. You can push straight forward after getting the loot and get some kills.

2) Use Glue Walls and Grenades correctly

By making proper use of Glue Walls and Frag Grenades you can extract some more finishes. With Glue Wall you can protect yourself from enemy attacks. Apart from this, if someone is camping, then you can get kills by throwing grenades at him without taking any risk.

3) Work on your skills

It takes a lot of effort to increase K/D rapidly in Free Fire MAX. You have to continuously show improvement in your skills and style of play. You should use tips and tricks properly during the match. Apart from this, apply 3 finger control system and then try to take headshots. Skills will improve with time and overall you will benefit.

(Note: In this article, the author has given his opinion regarding the way of playing. Everyone’s preference may be slightly different in this matter.)

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