How to get unique IGN like SK Sabir Boss in Free Fire?

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Garena Free Fire is the most famous battle royale game from last 4 years. The game offers players powerful characters, pets, guns, outfits, elite passes and elite bundles. SK Sabir Boss is a famous content creator on YouTube. Millions of viewers like to see this professional player.

This player’s IGN is created using unique fonts and symbols. That’s why most of the players follow because of their stylish nicknames. Well, in this article, we are going to tell you the complete information about how to get unique IGN like SK Sabir Boss in Free Fire. 

How to get unique IGN like SK Sabir Boss in Free Fire?

A unique IGN like the SK Sabir Boss in Free Fire (Image credit:


Creating a unique name like SK Saber Boss in Free Fire is not easy. Because, mobile keyboard does not provide fonts and symbols to the players. So players have to use the website.

There are better website options for online players. Like is a famous website. This website is used by many players playing battle royale games. Get a Nickname using the steps below:

Step 1:- Players have to open the official website of in their mobile .

Step 2:- After that type SK Sabir Boss in the right side text box. Players will receive unique IGNs across multiple outputs.

Step 3:- Copy any one unique name of your choice and go to your profile and use it.

How to change IGN in Garena Free Fire? 

Changing the nickname/IGN in Free Fire is quite easy. But, when new players download and play the game, they do not know how to change the name. You can change the IGN by following the below steps.


  1. Players need to turn on Garena Free Fire.
  2. Game screen will open then click on left side profile button
  3. Player information will open on the screen. To change the name, touch on the yellow color on the right side.
  4. In the text box above, paste the nickname of the website you want.

Then click on 390 Diamonds below. 


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