How to get Steel Striker Backpack in Free Fire Max

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The smaller missions have been part of several of the previous campaigns in Free Fire MAX. Following the same trend, Garena has even incorporated them as part of the ongoing Football Fable campaign.

The first of the many missions has started on the Indian server and involves playing a particular number of matches to get the rewards. The Play BR Matches event began on December 9 and gamers can read through the following section for a detailed overview of the event.

Steel Striker Backpack can be availed for free in Free Fire MAX

The name of the new Free Fire MAX event pretty much gives away almost everything. You have time until December 12 to play the given number of matches as part of the Play BR-Ranked matches event. Garena has set two requirements, each offering a free reward.

The requirements for the current event are as follows:

  • Play 10 BR Ranked matches to get a free Incubator Voucher (Expiry date: December 31, 2022)
  • Play 20 BR Ranked matches to get a free Steel Striker Backpack

The two requirements of the current event are successive, and hence the progress will be counted towards both simultaneously. Thus, you only have to play 20 matches to win the Incubator Voucher and the exclusive backpack skin. You can keep track of the progress through the same event interface.

You may follow the steps given below to collect the rewards from the new event in Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Load Free Fire MAX and select the mode section menu. Play the required number of battle royale matches, which in this case is 20.

Step 2: After accomplishing the said objectives, access the event section of the game.

Step 3: Select the Football Fable tab and click on the Play BR Matches option.

Step 4: Press the claim button beside the rewards to obtain them for free.

Finally, you may equip the backpack from the vault section, while you can use the Incubator voucher through Luck Royale before its mentioned validity.

The backpack skin alone is worth a few hundred diamonds, while you can also use the Incubator voucher to make a spin worth 40 diamonds. Moreover, the new ranked season kicks off today; hence, this event is like the icing on the cake. Players can not only play ranked matches to push their rank but also complete the requirements of the current event to win the rewards.

Other missions as part of Free Fire MAX Football Fable

Football Squad, as well as BR-Ranked Matches missions, are already available in the game and will run for a few days. The Kill and Play mission will start later this date. The former will reward the player with a free treasure box after eliminating a certain number of opponents. At the same time, the latter will most likely give a pet skin as a reward for playing the game for a specific duration.

These missions, alongside several other available in-game missions, will keep players engaged for a few days.