How to get special air drop in Free Fire?

Garena Free Fire is a famous battle royale game. The developers of this game provide special items and attractive features to the players. All features in Free Fire have their own importance and way of presenting them to the players.

Special Airdrop is a famous feature in Free Fire. Through this drop, players are provided with discounted items and rewards. However, some new players do not receive information about the special airdrop. So, in this article we are going to tell you how to get special airdrop in Free Fire.

How to get special air drop in Free Fire?

In Garena Free Fire, special airdrop is available on the left side of the character in the lobby. It keeps releasing items for players. Players get very special and amazing items in these special airdrops. These rewards are available to players for 24 hours only, and are made available randomly in the lobby.

The time to open these special airdrops keeps on running. Google Play and Apple Store can be used to purchase the items present in these drops.

To purchase items available in special airdrop in Free Fire, payment will have to be made, only after that the player will receive rewards as per mail.

Special airdrop rewards in Free Fire are received by players within approximately 48 hours. So there is no need to worry, rewards are received before time.

Apart from this, the second airdrop in Free Fire opens to the players within about three days. So wait for it to open, and special items can be purchased using diamonds. In airdrop, players can get pets, characters, bundles, outfits, customs, skins and expensive items.

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