How to get free magic cube in Free Fire Max?

EVENT: The occasion of 6th anniversary of Free Fire Max is being celebrated with great pomp. On this occasion, the in-game developers have added many events which are offering free cosmetic rewards for completing easy missions. Recently introduced the “Free Magic Cube” event. Using this you can redeem bundles.

This event has been added for a limited time. Because of this, gamers can obtain the Magic Cube by completing easy missions. Well, in this article we are going to look at how to get free magic cube in Free Fire Max.

How to get free magic cube in Free Fire Max?

The Magic Cube event in Free Fire Max was added to the Indian servers on July 14, 2023. Whereas it is going to run till 17th July 2023. Gamers can easily get rewards and magic cubes by completing the requirements.

Here are the event requirements for players:

  • Get 100x Gold for free by playing the game for 30 minutes
  • Get 2x Supply Crates for free after playing the game for 80 minutes
  • Get a free Magic Cube by playing the game for 180 minutes

However, there are no restrictions to complete these missions. Gamers can complete the game using any mode. If want to get all three items together. Those players will have to claim the rewards by playing the game for 180 minutes.

How to get the Magic Cube in Free Fire Max?

Step 1: The requirements have to be met by booting the game on the smartphone. The mission has to be completed by playing the Matbal game for 180 minutes. This time will count only for playing matches. If players are in the lobby then that time will not count.

Step 2: Once the requirements are met, touch the Event button. After touching on the 6th Anniversary tab, touch on the Free Magic Cube tab on the left side.

Step 3: Get the item by touching the Gamers Clam button.

You can get your favorite bundle by going to the Magic Cube section. Below are the names of the bundles currently available in Magic Cube:

  1. Oni Soulseeker
  2. Bloody Mistress
  3. Violet Flame
  4. Venom Touch
  5. Skull Fighter

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