How to get free in-game diamonds in Free Fire MAX

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Free Fire MAX is one of the top titles in the battle royale genre. It has bagged many records in terms of download count and other categories.

The premium graphics and immersive dynamics, including weapons, vehicles, outfits, characters, and much more, make the gaming experience astonishing.

The developers have added a special currency called diamonds for users. They can use it to purchase fantastic in-game items like emotes, characters, elite passes, and much more. However, players must spend real money to get diamonds in their accounts.

Many can be seen looking for easy methods to earn diamonds for free and redeem their desired items in the game.

Note: Gamers are advised to use only legal methods, as illegal modes to gain diamonds can lead to permanent account bans.

Best applications and ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX

1) Google Opinion Rewards

The first way to get free diamonds in Free Fire MAX is Google Opinion Rewards. The application was developed by Google and is fully legit and trusted. It works on the GPT (Get Paid To) concept, where users are paid with real money for completing in-app tasks.

These tasks include answering simple surveys sent to them on a random basis. FF MAX players can download and install the app free from the Google Play Store and earn lots of real money.

This money is sent to the linked Google Play account. Gamers can redeem this money via the in-game diamond store for free.

2) Play custom rooms and tournaments

The second method to obtain diamonds for free in the game includes playing free custom rooms and tournaments. Players can find many YouTubers and other pages on social media hosting daily custom rooms in Free Fire MAX.

They can participate in these rooms and earn prizes like elite passes, memberships, and diamonds by showcasing their skills.

These custom rooms and tournaments are an excellent way to improve game sense and other in-game skills like aim, tracing, and accuracy. Upon getting the top position in the match, the host rewards the winner with exceptional items like diamonds.

3) Booyah!

The Booyah! application was made available by Garena for all Free Fire MAX users. They can download it free from leading app stores on their devices.

The app hosts various events where gamers are rewarded with many cool outfits and other items to participate in or win the event.

They can participate in these events to earn the in-game currency they can use to unlock emotes, outfit bundles, and much more. Readers can use the obtained diamonds to unlock upgradable weapon skins, new elite passes that come with legendary outfits, and many other times.

Note: This list solely reflects the writer’s opinion, and individuals should check out the terms of service and privacy policy before using them.