How to get free gun skin in Free Fire?

GUIDE: OB43 update is going to be added to Free Fire Max within a few days. Before this, the developers provide cosmetic rewards according to the new event. Information about the rewards of the new event is available in the highlights. Gamers have been getting the Gun Skin P90 – Xtreme forever.

P90 – Xtreme Adventure is paired with weaker attributes. The rate of fire and range seems to be better in this. This gun skin is made with a combo of yellow and purple colors.

How to get free gun skin in Free Fire Max?

This event is providing free gun skin to players in Free Fire Max. The event started on 18 March 2023. Whereas it is going to run till 25 March 2023. During this time, gamers can login and receive items.

Information about the missions of the new event in Free Fire Max is given:

  • Free Supply Crate Play Card on first day of login (3 days)
  • Free Armor Crate Play Card after login on 2nd day (3 days)
  • Free Scan Play Card on 3rd day login (3 days)
  • Free Bonfire Play Card on 4th day login (3 days)
  • Free P90 – Xtreme Adventure on 5th day login

Gamers do not need to spend any currency. You can get free rewards by logging into the game every day.


How to get free gun skin in Free Fire Max?

Here are some tips for gamers to follow to get the free gun skin by visiting the new event:

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Step 1: Open the Free Fire Max game on your smartphone. After logging into the game, players will have to touch the tab OB39: 22/3 in the events section.

Step 2: The page has to be scrolled on the screen. Touch the event OB39: Free Gun Skin in the left side menu.

Step 3: Get the item by touching the clam button.

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