How To Get Free Female Bundle In Free Fire

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Hello friends, as you all know that free fire game is such a popular game, free fire game has completed 1 billion downloads in 2021, from this you can guess that free fire game is such a famous game and popular game is free fire only in India. Not only this, but it is one of the famous game of the whole world, whose cress onlyNot only in children but also in adults who play and enjoy Free Fire.

Hello friends, you will know that there is a new event going on in Free Fire right now, in which only female characters and some bundles of female are being seen, in which you are getting some bundles for a few days trial and some bundles you are getting to see for free.

How to get these bundles

Step 1: First you have to open Free Fire game

Step 2 : You have to press on the first number icon coming on the right side

Step 3: You will go inside the event where many types of events are going on, you have to find this event there and and there you will be given some missions to collect some tokens, you have to collect those tokens and bundle them. to exchange

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