How to get free Diamonds for Elite Pass Season 52 in Free Fire Max?

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Elite Pass: The Elite Pass is the primary item in Free Fire Max that players can purchase as a collection of cosmetic and expensive items in the game. There are bundles, gun skins, and other rewards. The new season has been introduced in-game by Garena.

Elite Pass season 51 is currently on the run and will be followed by an in-game season 52. It will be introduced inside the Elite Pass game around September. Players can acquire unique and cosmetic rewards by purchasing it.

Although diamonds have to be spent to buy it, but diamonds are quite expensive. Buying them is considered quite difficult. Because of this, players can get diamonds for free using the methods provided here.

How to get free Diamonds for Elite Pass Season 52 in Free Fire Max?

Here are some information for players to follow to get free diamonds:

#3 – Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards in Free Fire Max is considered the best way to get free diamonds. This app has been made by the developer of Google, which is a legal one. The priority of the players in this application is that they can easily get Google Credits, Gift Cards and Vouchers by answering surveys and other questions and can use all of them to get free Diamonds.

#2 – Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes (Image Credit : Garena)


Redeem codes are the most popular and profitable option in Free Fire Max. It is used by players from the very beginning. Players can access the redeem codes through online streams and social media and access them by visiting the official website called Rewards Redemption. Players have at least 12 to 16 special characters in a redeem code. With the help of these codes, you can get cosmetic and unique prizes for free.

#1 – Give-way and Customs


There are many content creators playing Free Fire Max. These creators mention give-way and custom on their official channels, social media and other platforms. Players can then participate in these events and easily receive free give-aways and other prizes. In custom, players have to beat all the players to win.

Elite Pass Season 52 Items Leaked in Free Fire Max

Here are the details of the rewards leaked in Season 52 of Free Fire Max:

  • 0 Badge : Sports Car – Metal Jaws
  • 5 Badges: Ocean Beast Avatar
  • 10 Badges : Shark Fright Avatar
  • 15 Badges : Jove Smile Jacket
  • 30 Badges : Death Tooth Banner
  • 40 Badges : Hungry Fish T-Shirt
  • 50 Badges : Megan Townter Bundle
  • 80 Badges : Kar98k – X Underwater
  • 100 Badges: Fright Bite T-shirt and Ocean Runner Skyboard
  • 115 Badge : Shark Fright Banner
  • 125 Badge : AUG – Apex Underwater
  • 135 Badge : Death Tooth Avatar
  • 150 Badges: Ocean Monster Banner and Metal Jaw Loot Box
  • 200 Badge : Flesh Devourer Parachute and Grenade – Flesh Devourer
  • 225 Badges: Holo Swallow Backpack and Megajaw Tormentor Bundle