Garena Free Fire nicknames: How to get a creative IGN (December 2022)

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Free Fire, having launched in 2017, is among the most downloaded games on the Google Play Store, with over a billion installs. Moreover, the Garena-backed survival shooter also boasts a massive user base and is still relevant to date, which also applies to its MAX version.

With so many gamers playing the title, it is not easy to have a unique identity in the popular Battle Royale offering. This is why many chose to alter their in-game persona in an attempt to stand out from the crowd. This can see players using different combinations of various in-game cosmetics and outfits to change their in-game appearance.

Gamers are also known for trying to use creative nicknames in their pursuit of a unique identity. This article will help them with this process.

Garena Free Fire nicknames: How to get a creative IGN (December 2022)

Creating a unique and creative in-game name (IGN) in Free Fire and FF MAX is relatively easy. You can use websites like Nickfinder ( or Free Fire Name ( to get relevant suggestions and stylish fonts.

You may also take inspiration from the names of your favorite creators and generate a similar yet creative IGN using the aforementioned websites. To get different symbols and fonts, you may use websites like Lingojam (

You should follow the step-by-step guide given below to create a creative nickname in Free Fire/FF MAX OB37:

Step 1: Use any of the websites mentioned earlier to generate your desired name using suggestions, fonts, and symbols.

Step 2: Copy the generated nickname on your clipboard and close the website.

Step 3: Launch the latest version, OB37, of the Free Fire app on your device.

Step 4: Ensure to log in using your preferred option and tap the screen to enter.

Note: If you use a guest account, link it to a particular platform to save your progress online. Binding an account protects in-game data, stats, collections, purchases, and more. This will also help you synchronize FF and FF MAX.

Step 5: Enter the game and ensure you have a Name Change Card available via the Guild Token tab in the Store’s Redeem section. Otherwise, you will have to pay 390 diamonds to change your in-game name.

For the unversed, a Name Change Card is available in the Store for players who are a part of a guild. It will cost 39 diamonds + 200 guild tokens, which is relatively cheaper than 390 diamonds.

Besides the Guild Token tab, the Card becomes available in some time-limited events on special occasions. Therefore, you can keep an eye on the in-game events to seize the opportunity.

Step 6: Tap on your in-game profile banner and stay on the Basic tab.

Step 7: Press the edit key given beside your username and paste the copied name from your clipboard.

Step 8: Confirm the changes using the Name Change Card or 390 diamonds.

That wraps up this guide to changing your nickname in the game.