How to easily fix lag and ping problems in Free Fire?

Free Fire is very much liked and everyone wants to enjoy it. Despite this, the game sometimes starts lagging and this spoils the gaming experience. In this article we will look at ways to reduce lag in Free Fire.

How to fix lag in Garena Free Fire?

Easy ways to fix lag in Free Fire:

By closing background apps

Apps remain open in the background. This affects the RAM of the mobile because those apps also use RAM. In such a situation, ask players to close all those apps. With this, RAM will be used only for playing Free Fire and the game will run better.


Turn off auto updates and sync

There is a feature on Google Play Store from where apps and games start updating automatically. In such a situation the data also ends and the PIN increases. Additionally, the game also starts lagging. Additionally, mails also start syncing. In such a situation, go to settings and turn off all those things.

delete cache data

Deleting cache data helps a lot in reducing lag. This frees up space inside the game and the game runs better by eliminating unnecessary data. In such a situation, you must delete these caches and this will definitely benefit the game.

Apart from this, players can also set the graphics settings of Free Fire to flame and this will result in less lag in the game. Players should not use GFX tools to reduce lag as it is not legal.

Note: This article is for new players. This method may be common for some people but many people are not aware of it.

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