How to download Free Fire Max and play without lag on PC?

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PC: Free Fire Max is well-liked in the gaming community. Because, the developers of this game provide cosmetic and attractive features to the players. Currently this battle royale game is played on Android and iOS devices but some players prefer to play the game on PC without any issues and lag free. Users can play Free Fire Max on PC using Android emulators.

Garena has made Free Fire Max for cheap devices. Players love to play this game on PC. Well, in this article we are going to discuss how to download Free Fire Max and play without lag on PC.

How to download Free Fire Max and play without lag on PC?

First of all, players need to download the Android emulator on PC. Players are going to be informed about the list of the most famous emulators below:

However, all these emulators are used by well-known content creators. You can install the emulator in PC by touching on the link given above.

How to download emulator in laptop and PC?

Step 1: Select players preferred emulator and download as per above link.

Step 2: Install and set-up after the EXE file is downloaded on the laptop and PC.

Step 3: After the installation is complete on PC and Laptop, launch the program.

Step 4: Open the Google Play Store application in the players emulator. After that type Free Fire Max in the text box and click on the application.

Step 5: Download by touching the Install button.

Step 6: Players login and enjoy the game by touching the start button.

However, if players face any lag while playing the Free Fire Max game on PC and Laptop, then they should do the following settings in PC and Laptop:


  1. Graphics – Smooth
  2. High FPS – Normal to provide a smooth outfit


  1. autoscale – off
  2. Minimap – Based on gamers

Players can set the above settings by going inside the gear button available in the lobby and play the game lag free.