How to create invisible name and colorful signature in Free Fire?

Different types of names are in trend in Free Fire MAX and everyone wants to make their profile attractive. In such a situation, some players try to keep the signature colorful. Also decide to keep some invisible names. In this article we will talk about how to make both these things.

How to create invisible name and colorful signature in Free Fire?

invisible name

Players will need Hangul Filler to make invisible names

Step 1: You have to find Unicode 3164 from any website and copy it. Also paste into a notes app.

Step 2: You have to search for Braille dots on Google and place them behind U+3164. Have to create a unique combination and then copy it.

Step 3: Go to Free Fire MAX and you will see the edit button near the name in the profile section. By clicking there you have to paste this name and you can change the name by paying 390 diamonds.

color signature

Making a colorful signature is very easy. You will not face that much problem. You will only need Hex Color codes.

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and go to the profile section. You have to open the ‘Profile Info’ dialog box from here. Signature must be written here.

Step 2: You have to enter the text and then paste the hex. You can search the hex code of any color from Google. You have to use it in [ ].

Step 3: Click on OK button and the colorful name will be created.

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The important thing is that you will not see a colorful name on your ID. You can check the name by a friend’s device. There is no need to spend diamonds in this.

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