How to create account in Free Fire?

Battle Royale game mostly impresses everyone in the world, while Free Fire also keeps adding features that impress the players. This game has been launched by the developers of Garena on mobile platform which runs smoothly even on cheap mobiles.

Currently, there are many battle royale games available on Google Play Store , as well as Free Fire has been downloaded the most on Play Store by 500+ million people and this game is moving forward in the competitive field.

Free Fire keeps bringing updates every season to impress the players. But some people do not know how to create an account to play Free Fire. We are going to tell in this article.

How to create an account in Free Fire?

There are many options available for players to create accounts in Free Fire, players can easily login with social media accounts. Like Guest, Facebook, VK, and Google.


Step 1: Start Garena Free Fire

Step 2: The option to create an account will appear on the screen.

Step 3: Click on the guest icon and the player account will be created.


Step 1: Start Free Fire, and the player login page will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Players will see many options on the screen, click on Facebook.

Step 3: Facebook web page will open, where the player will have to login the account.

Step 4: After account login, the player can enjoy Free Fire.

If the player wants to use a VK or Google account, they can follow the steps given above.

(Note: The information given in this article is for Free Fire beginners, but some people may already know about it)

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