How to change settings and controls in Free Fire MAX?

Free Fire MAX: Settings play an important role in Free Fire MAX. If you want good performance, it’s important to get the settings right. Many new players have entered the game and are not aware of the new options. In this article we will learn how to change settings and controls in the game.

How to change settings and controls in Free Fire MAX?

It is much easier to change settings in Free Fire MAX. You have to go to the home screen and here you will see the settings option, click on it. Here you will see basic, sensitivity, controls, auto pickup, sound and other types of settings. You can change anything useful or useless. This can improve your performance.

Making some changes in the basic settings of Free Fire MAX can benefit you to a great extent. There are some small things in it. In the controls, you get other options including aim precision, sniping and reload. You can also set the fire button from here. In this, movement speed and reflex can be improved by changing the sensitivity settings.

Always try to keep the sensitivity setting high. After this you will have to spend time practicing in the training ground. Over time you will get used to the new settings. The sound option will help you a lot in terms of gameplay. In auto pickup, you can also set the quantity of material to be picked up. With this, you will not be able to pick up too many things in case of loot and will be able to create a good combination of all the things.

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