How to change IGN with the help of diamonds in Free Fire?

Free Fire is a very famous battle royale game. In this article we are going to talk about changing nickname in Free Fire. To change the name you will need diamonds. Actually, you will need 390 diamonds. Apart from this, you should have a rename card.

However, the card is not always available in Free Fire. This can be achieved by playing events.

You can also change the name from the profile section. Its steps are going to be much easier.

How to change name in Free Fire?

If you do not have a name change card then follow these steps. With this you will be able to change your name with the help of diamonds. Keep in mind that you must have that many diamonds.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Free Fire and wait for the loading screen.

Step 2: You have to go to the profile option. This option is present on the left side.

Step 3: Find it and click on it.

Step 4: After this click on the yellow edit option. It’s actually present below the name.

Step 5: A pop-up option will appear.

Step 6: You have to select the option in that box and the option to enter a new nickname will appear. Enter new nickname here.

Step 7: After typing, there will be a blue option below. 390 Diamonds would be written there.

Step 8: After this click on the confirm option and the diamonds will be automatically deducted from the account.

The new name will appear on the profile.

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