Learn! How to become a free fire id hacker? watch live with proof

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If you want to hack free fire id of your friend or any unknown person and want to get valuable things like diamond , gluwal from that id, then today we will tell you how to become free fire id hacker? Will tell.

Also, if your Free Fire ID is hacked by mistake, then we will also talk about how to get it back.

Friends, very few of us are aware that as many new accounts are created on Free Fire every day, there is also Free Fire ID Hack , this is because if someone becomes a Pro player in Free Fire, then his id Tried to hack.

How to become a free fire id hacker? hack any id in just 2 minutes

Friends, now we are going to share with you the method, which cannot be called 100% legal, yet if you want to hack any user’s free fire id and find Diamond, Emote and most in his ID. Big thing want to get vip badge.

So the trick given below will be very useful for you, so let’s know how you will be able to hack free fire id.

Important things to hack free fire id-

You must have some information about anyone whose free fire id you want to hack.

  • mobile number
  • Email id

If you have any of these things, then by logging into the Facebook account of the person whose id you want to hack in Free Fire, you will be able to hack his id easily.

Once you access that person’s Facebook account, then reset Facebook password through his mobile or email, after doing this you will get full access to that person’s Free Fire account.

But keep one thing in mind, instead of doing this with an unknown person, you should do it with your close friend and you should tell them this trick. So that that person does not take any big step, then legal action can also be taken against you.


Cann Free fire ID Really Be Hacked?

Let us tell you that there are many such pro players across the country, whose accounts are being monitored by hackers, and they know how to bypass the privacy of others.

Hacking id like this is not a big deal for them, you will also find some such methods on youtube videos and internet by which you can hack any player’s id.

Now if your or someone close to you freefire id gets hacked, then how can you recover it, let us know.


how to get freefire id back if hacked?

Friends can understand the pain of hacking your Freefire account, who has collected the items in his account by playing the game with great dedication, so if your free fire id has also been hacked, then in this way you will be able to recover it.

  • The most important thing is that you should have your mobile number, email account. So that you can once again access your freefire account through facebook.
  1. First of all visit facebook.com.
  2. Now to sign in, below you will find the option of Forget password, click on it.
  3. Now enter your registered email or mobile number from here.
  4. Now an OTP will be sent to your device via phone or email, which will allow you to reset your Facebook password and log out of your Facebook account.
  • Apart from this, if the hacker asks you for money instead of giving your id, then you can give money to him if possible. But if you are not in such condition then you can request him to please return my id.
  • But even after the above steps, if your Free Fire account is not returned then you can contact Garena Free Fire customer care. After which Garena’s team can recover your ff id by taking some necessary information from you.

Note:- Note that guest account cannot be recovered in free fire game, this method is only for official account.

How to protect free fire id from being hacked?

Friends, most of the gamers are not aware of the security of their Free Fire account, due to which they suddenly get information about the hack of Free Fire ID, then do not make this mistake. Follow the steps below to keep your Free Fire and Facebook accounts safe in the future.

  • If you are playing Free Fire from Facebook, it is important that you turn on Two Step Verification in Facebook. So that even if the hacker gets to know your password, then he cannot access it without entering the OTP.
  • Second, do not share your registered email or mobile number with any gamer anywhere.
  •  Avoid buying cheap items from any third party websites available on the internet, as this can access your data.
  • Create different passwords for each account. So that even if the hacker gets to know the password of one of your accounts, he can login to another account.