How to activate Free Fire Advance Server on Android in 2023

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Free Fire is a highly renowned battle royal tile released by Garena. It is loved by players across the globe for its high-quality dynamics and compatibility. They can get an intense survival experience on different maps and modes and a considerable armory of weapons and utilities.

The developers release an Advance Server before each new major update. It offers all the significant features of the upcoming patch and is also available for gamers to access. They can test new features and other additions like new weapons and more within the server for free.

The Advance Server for the OB39 update was available from 7 July and 14 July. Users who registered for it were able to play with many new in-game add-ons for the forthcoming update, like the new Justin Beiber character and a new pet called Hoot.

Guide to register for Free Fire Advance Server

The Advance Server is released by the official developers at Garena and made available to players for free. It is used to test any remaining glitches and bugs of the new updates and get feedback from fans so they can be fixed ahead of the actual global release.

Users who register for the Advance Server and provide proper feedback to the developers are often showered with many cool rewards, including various in-game items like diamonds, outfits, and cards.

For those wanting to download this server when future updates come out, here is a step-by-step guide on registering for the Advance Server in Free Fire:

Step 1: Head to any browser on the device and search for the Free Fire Advance Server.

Step 2: Open the official website link to get the Activation Code and Advance Server download link.

Step 3: Sign up with a Facebook or Google account on the page; remember that the account used must be linked to the Free Fire ID.

Step 4: Enter the email address to receive further instructions.

Step 5: Tap the Join Now button to complete the registration process.

Note: There is no guarantee that gamers who are registering will automatically receive the Activation Code. It is made available to a limited number of players and sometimes depends entirely on the luck of the applier. Moreover, nowadays, lots of users register for the Advance Server, so the chances of getting the Activation code can be less.

Upon receiving the Activation Code, readers must head to the Advance Server website. After that, they will have to log in wh the same account they used before and download the Advance Server APK.

Upon installing the APK, users can enter the Activation Code to access the exciting new features of the upcoming updates in the game.

Disclaimer: Since the battle royale game is banned in India, individuals from the country are advised to play the MAX version instead.