How to access OB39 features before official update

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On March 10, 2023, Garena officially unveiled the OB39 Advance Server for its flagship shooter game, Free Fire. The official patch update is expected to roll out on March 22, 2023, which means that players will still have a few days before they witness the launch of new in-game content in Free Fire.

Thanks to the Advance Server program, fans can experience the upcoming features and optimizations in Garena’s popular BR game earlier than usual. However, the current iteration will only remain accessible until the end of March 16, 2023 and only select users with an Activation Code can join this test server.

Fans who are interested to know more about how they can access the OB39 features before the official update can refer to this article.

Free Fire OB39: How to access the Advance Server and Activation Code to experience unreleased content

An Activation Code is a unique key that allows players to access the shooter game’s Advance Server APK. To obtain both the Activation Code and the APK download link, you must first register for Free Fire’s OB update test program. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow to generate an Activation Code and access the OB39 features before the official update:

Step 1: You must use the following link in a web browser of your choice to launch the official website of Free Fire’s Advance Server program:


Step 2: Choose between Google or Facebook to sign up for the OB39 program. You must pick the option that’s linked to your in-game Free Fire and FF MAX account. If you don’t do so, the login won’t be successful.

If you don’t have an account linked to Google or Facebook, you must create one or bind your existing Guest account to either one of these options. This will allow you to log into the Advance Server website while ensuring that your in-game data is secure.


Step 3: Enter your active email account, which is crucial for setting up a profile on the website. This profile will only be valid for the OB39 Advance Server, and you must create a new one for the next version when it’s announced.

Step 4: Confirm your details by clicking on the Join Now! button.

The website usually takes a few seconds to confirm your registration. Once confirmed, it will redirect you to the website’s download page.

Step 5: The download page consists of an Activation Code and a valid link for the APK client. You must copy the former and then click on the latter to download the OB39 Advance Server APK client.

Once downloaded, install the modified Free Fire APK and launch it like any other app. You will have to use the Activation Code to enter the Advance Server and access all of the unreleased OB39 features before the arrival of the official update.

Disclaimer: Since Free Fire is banned in India, players from the country are advised against playing or downloading the battle royale title on their devices. However, they can enjoy the game’s MAX variant as it wasn’t included on the list of prohibited applications.