How many YouTube channels does Free Fire have and how many subscribers do they have?

Free Fire is played all over the world and that is why the game constantly remains a topic of discussion. Free Fire is actually far ahead not only as a game but also in terms of content creation. E-sports tournaments are also seen and this makes Free Fire better and more special than other games.

There are many content creators in Free Fire MAX. People outside India play both Free Fire and MAX versions. Also share on YouTube and other social media. YouTube is the most famous streaming and video sharing platform.

Free Fire channels are also on this website. There are different channels for each country. Many people do not know how many official channels there are for Free Fire. In this article we will talk about them only.

How many YouTube channels does Free Fire have?

Free Fire is very much liked in many countries and there is a separate channel for it. A separate channel is created for almost every server. There are also channels available for eSports and some other things. Let us tell you that Free Fire has about 13 channels on YouTube. This stats is taken from Free Fire Esports Official Channel.

Here is the list of all those channels:

  1. Garena Free Fire Brazil: 9.46 million subscribers
  2. Garena Free Fire LATAM: 11.7 million subscribers
  3. Garena Free Fire Global: 8 lakh 69 thousand subscribers
  4. FF Esports ID: 2.79 million subscribers
  5. Free Fire Esports India: 7.9 million subscribers
  6. Huyện Thối Sinh Tồn – Free Fire Esports: 1.93 million subscribers
  7. Garena Free Fire TH: 3.22M million subscribers
  8. Garena Free Fire Middle East and Africa – Arabic: 2.44 million subscribers
  9. Free Fire Esports Pakistan: 6 lakh 8 thousand subscribers
  10. Garena Free Fire EU: 4 lakh 80 thousand subscribers
  11. Garena Free Fire MY: 1.52 million subscribers
  12. Free Fire Esports Official: 1.51 million subscribers

There may be some other channels of Free Fire also but these are all visible right now.

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