How can beginners get consecutive kills in Free Fire Max?

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Guide: Free Fire Max is a shooting battle royale game for low-end smartphones. Many in-game features, characters, pets, guns, loadouts and HUD settings attract the players inside this game.

Beginner players are not able to perform well on the ground inside the game. They keep on finding different types of ways on the internet to act aggressively. Well, in this article we are going to take a look at how beginners in Free Fire Max can get continuous kills inside the game.

How can beginners get consecutive kills in Free Fire Max?

1) Play Aggressive Gameplay

On the ground in Free Fire Max, players should play aggressive gameplay. To win try to play a more aggressive game. Based on that, there is an improvement in the performance of the players and they are able to make good kills. If attempting to avoid enemies, the player can be killed in any way.

2) Land fast and target hot-drops

Beginners have to make good kills. They have to land in speed with the help of airplane on the ground. Because, if you land on hot-drops then the number of enemies is very high. Enemies are sitting all around with TPP. Because of this, gamers can choose a weapon by landing and killing incoming enemies.

3) Play safe with the help of the extreme end of the zone

With kills in Free Fire Max, players have to earn rank points. He should play with the help of the corner of the zone. Inside the game there is a smaller zone than a bigger zone. In the same way gamers play safe with the help of tip through the end zone.

4) In the end players should use maximum utility

In Free Fire Max, players must use maximum utility in the end zone within the game. Because, the enemies play the gameplay smartly at every step. If you enter a building without using the utility. In that case the player can be nailed by the enemy. For this reason, use grenade, smoke and other utilities first.