How To Hack Free Fire: Hack Free Fire

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How to Hack Free Fire Game Friends, do you also want to hack Free Fire game, if you want, then I will tell you everything in details about hacking Free Fire Game, how to hack Free Fire Free Fire game ko hack kar sakte ho (free fire hack information in hindi) and what is its advantage and what are the disadvantages, I will tell you everything and I will also tell you how you can get unlimited diamonds hack and unlimited coins. I will give complete information.

Do you know that the most popular game in today’s time is pubg, but if we talk about the second number, then it is a free FIRE game, it would be nice to hear a little because in today’s time everyone is a fan of Free Fire game and I am also I’m a huge fan and that’s how much fun it is to play Free Fire.

All of you know that very well, but there are many people who want to hack free fire game because the fun of playing hacking does not come in anything and we can get as much diamonds as we want for free or Then you can take coins for free so that we can buy premium things, then if you really want to hack free fire, then after reading this article carefully, you will get to know about everything.

Friends, there is a lot of hacking in Free Fire, that is, you can hack Free Fire in many ways, so I will tell you many ways by which you can hack Free Fire very comfortably and show this article to your friends. You have to read very carefully so that you can know everything and then you can hack well.


How to Hack Free Fire Mobile Game

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Guys there are many methods to hack Free Fire like Script method and other Free Fire ESP hack and there are many more methods to hack Free Fire but I will tell you through Free Fire Mod and GameGuardian how you can get Free Fire Fire mobile game can be hacked.

Friends, you can also hack Free Fire Game very easily through ESP, but in this you need a lot of resources, due to which most hackers use this method, in Kher I will tell you how to hack Free Fire through ESP. Just read this article completely.

This is a very easy method and there are working tips and there are also ways to hack Free Fire, so let’s also know from the GameGuardian method, after that I will also tell you through the details of MOD apk how to hack Free Fire. That’s why read this article very carefully.


Free Fire Hack With GameGuardian 

Friends, to hack free fire through GameGuardian, you have to download a script file, after that you can download a vpn, for your safety, you can download any one VPN, after that Dual Space need an application Will have.

  • All Resource Download Link is Here


So you download it, after that you have to download GameGuardian, then you install all these things in your phone and after that you have to read this article carefully, after that you will understand everything very well.

 1  Install GameGuardian Apk

Now, you need to download and install the GameGuardian Apk app. To download it, download by opening this link and installing it in your smartphone is very easy to install, then you install it and whatever permissions it asks for, you have to do everything.

 2  Open Dual Space Application

So first of all you have to open Dual space application, after opening you will see a + icon, you have to click on it, after that you have to select GameGuardian and free fire and then click on clone. Your GameGuardian and Free Fire cloning will start, you just have to wait a bit.

dual space select free fire

 3  Open GameGuardian Apk

After this, friends, as soon as your cloning is completed, after that you have to open the GameGuardian apk and after opening whatever comes to allow, allow everything ie click on ok

 4  Minimize GameGuardian Apk

After that you will see a Fix it option below, click on it, after that you will see a lot of options, you have to click on Prevent Upload No, then click on Level 3 after that, then you will see the start button below, click on it. Have to give and then minimize GameGuardian.

free fire step2

 5  Open Free Fire Game

Now open Free Fire from the cloning’s jagah, as soon as you open it, tap on the GameGuardian icon there and then click on the menu and then click on ‘Free Fire Script’.


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6  Find free fire.lua File

In the next step, you need to locate the folder where you have saved the free fire.lua script and then tap on ‘Execute’.

open game guardian free fire

 7  Click GameGuardian Icon

Now the game will load once again and then click on the GameGuardian icon, now you have to select the ‘New Bypass’ option (open it after the Free Fire logo)

select file free fire

 8  Choose Option

Now the script will be loaded into the game and you can choose all kinds of hacks. What you want to hack you can see in the image for example, if you need to implement wall hack, then choose wall hack menu and then choose the option as per your wish.

You are Done!

And now your work is done i.e. your Free Fire is hacked, then you can use GameGuardian to hack Free Fire mobile and you can hack Free Fire in this way.

Note:- Friends, your Free Fire account can also be Banned by the above mentioned method, therefore, keeping all these things in mind, use the above mentioned method. ralearn doesn’t promote anything hacking related. So friends, everything is available in the internet, just you have to know it properly, so my job is to reach you in your own language and on the basis of education purpose.

Tips: – Friends, if you hack free fire, then before that you must use a VPN and never login to free fire with your original id or else your original id can also be closed, then all these things are special. take care.

Free Fire Hack With ESP

Friends, if you follow the above steps , then you can hack Free Fire very easily, but if you have any problem in hacking Free Fire through GameGuardian , then you can use ESP Method because this method It also works a lot and most people use it to hack the game.

Friends, let’s know a little about ESP Hacking that the full form of ESP is (Extra Sensory Perception), it is an open source software that is used to hack the game in any phone. When you set it up on your phone, then you will have great fun playing any game.

ESP Software is not made by any company, it is made by an expert programmer, that’s why when you use it, you use it at your own risk because there is no costumer support to use it. Should be used with care.

Free Fire ESP Hack 

Friends, now let’s talk about how to do Free Fire Hack through ESP, so before using it, you should have a good phone because its software is a bit big. That is why you must have at least one power Full Mobile device, only then you can run this software.

 1  Download Luckey Patcher

Friends, first of all you have to download Luckey Patcher in your phone, to download it, first you have to go to Google and search by typing Luckey Patcher APK Download in the search box, after that you can download by opening any website. .

 Note:  When you download this software in your android phone, after that you can read its complete process article of our website, whose link you will find below because complete information has been given in it. Or you can also watch YouTube videos.

You must be thinking that why I did not tell you ESP Hacking here, then I want to tell you that if I tell you the process of configuring ESP Hacking, then this article will be very long, which you will not want to read at all, that is why you should know the process of ESP Hacking. The link is given above which you can read and use it.

Free Fire hacking With Website reality

Brother, everyone can share anything in the internet world, everyone has the freedom to do everything, so in the same way when you search in Google How to hack Free Fire Game, you will get many websites and every The website claims that you can hack Free Fire mobile game through this website.

But actually all those websites are all fake websites and the design of all those websites is so great that you will really feel that it can hack free fire but everything is fake, only those people earn money from you. And you do not even know, so you should never use all these websites because there is no website in the internet that can hack free fire.

Free Fire Hack by MOD Apk

Friends, this is also a hacking method and this is also a working method, what happens in this is that the hacker changes the Free Fire, that is, makes another version, in which everything is free from FIRE and then you can do everything. Yes, that is, when you open this application, then everything will be unlimited, I will give you a link to download, you can download it from there.

Friends, let me tell in a little more details that MODED version is actually the hacker’s version, in this the hacker changes the entire java script coding and adds his hacking coding and then makes it a new version and shares it in the internet and some Hackers also keep it paid i.e. you may have to pay to use the mod version of free fire but it is free now.

Friends, all these things are done by hackers, so there is some risk to use it because there are many hackers who set such coding that your mobile gets hacked but you do not have to take tention for it, you play comfortably for all the fun. With.

Features of Free Fire Battlegrounds Hack

Many features are available in this, if you hack Free Fire, then let’s know it now in full details.

 1  Wallhack: – Enemies are visible on your screen i.e. when you hack, if the enemies are hidden inside the house, then you can see them and kill them easily and it does not work like that. Even if you can see every enemy, then this is a very good feature.

 2  Aimbot:- Nothing better than this option which allows you to kill the enemies around you by yourself, with a single bullet in the head being fired for each enemy automatically.

 3  Rank Push:- Friends, when you hack Free Fire, you can easily push your rank, that is, when you play the game by hacking, then your level increases very easily.

 4  Enemy Spot:- After hacking the free fire game, you will be able to find the enemies very easily, that is, you will be able to spot the enemy very easily and kill it very easily.

 5  No Recoil:- When you hack the game, after this the movement of your gun will stop completely, that is, you can kill the enemies from a distance and also your target ie Aim becomes very good, due to which you can hit Enemy. Kills very easily.

 6  Health:- Friends, the biggest advantage of this hack is that when you play the game and an enemy dies, your health does not end, that is, you will not die soon.

  • High Jump
  • Long Jump
  • No Recoil
  • AimBot
  • Wallhack
  • Color Hack
  • Speed Hack

 Note: –  If you enter your original free fire id in it and login, then your id can be banned, then you should never login your original pubg id with this mod version.


Why Free Fire Shouldn’t Be Hacked

Friends, always remember one thing that you never have to hack the game in personal phone, Kher will tell you in very details below why the game should not be hacked, if you hack then what can happen to you.

 1  No Customer Support:- Friends, we all know that there is no costumer support in all the free hacking, so even when your account is banned then you do not get any support.

 2  No Legal:- Friends, it is completely illegal to play by hacking, that is why you remain at risk from the government side, that is why you should use hacking consciously.

 3  Gaming Account Permanent Ban:- Friends, when you play by hacking Free Fire, your gaming account also gets banned and once it is banned, it does not come back again.

 4  Mobile Data Risk:- Friends, the biggest problem is that when you keep such software on your phone, then your phone’s access reaches the hacker, due to which your data is lost, that’s why game hacking take care of all these things. should do.

 Note: Whatever  has been told to you in this, you have to keep all the things in special attention because it will help you to do all these things and you will be able to do it correctly, one more thing I want to tell you when you want to hack Free Fire. If you do, then do not keep your personal data in it, that is, Esha does hacking in the phone in which you do not have important things.

How To Hack Free Fire 

So friends, I have told you in this article that how you can hack free fire game, all have been told in details and in this article I have told about 2 ways, in some details then you should not have any problem. Still, if any problem comes, you can ask me in the comment section, I will definitely reply to it and you must share this article with your friends who are free fire lover.

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