How To Get Free Elite Pass in Free Fire 2022

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To get rid of the boring life of today or to give rest to ourselves, nowadays we have started resorting to mobile games. In such a situation, most of the guys like to play Free Fire and something new keeps happening every day in Free Fire. Now Free Fire has a thing called Elite Pass . There is a ruckus inside people to take it.

You must have Diamonds in your Free Fire Account to buy the Elite Pass. You can buy Elite Pass from Diamonds only. But there are some such Free Fire Tricks, with the help of which you can get Diamonds absolutely free to buy Elite Pass.

What are these tricks? In what way is it used? We are going to tell you the complete information about it in today’s article. Also, in today’s article, you will also get to know that what is Free Fire Me Elite Pass? Free Fire Me Elite Pass Free Me Kaise le? What are the benefits of getting an elite pass in kyon le and free fire?

You will get to know all the information Step by Step in today’s article. So keep reading this article carefully.

What is Free Fire Me Elite Pass?

What is the Elite Pass in Free Fire? To understand this, you just have to understand that Elite Pass in Free Fire is such a Vip service that you get some missions every day you buy it in Free Fire. On completing those missions, he is given Free Rewards from Free Fire.

Which includes Gun Skin, New Character, New Bundles, Gloo Wall Skin, Pet Skin etc. Now you must have understood that Elite Pass is one such system in Free Fire. After purchasing it, the player of Free Fire is given some missions and Free Fire gives Free Rewards for completing those missions.

Let us tell you that there are two types of Fire Pass in Free Fire. In which the first is Free Pass and the second is Elite Pass. Some missions are available in Free Pass and for completing those missions, some normal rewards are received. Let us tell you that the free pass in Free Fire is given absolutely free to every Free Fire player.

You also get some missions in the Elite Pass. The rewards you get for completing the mission given in it are special types of rewards. These are very good compared to the rewards available in Free Pass. Let us tell you that Elite Pass is also available in two forms in Free Fire. The first is Elite Pass and Elite Bundle.

Let us tell you that there is no need to spend a single diamond to buy the free pass. Whereas it takes 499 diamonds to buy the Elite Pass. Apart from this, it takes 999 diamonds to buy the elite pass. 499 and 999 are Diamonds normal price.

Sometimes Free Fire also comes with a discount offer for Elite Pass. Under which the Elite Pass can also be bought cheaply. Now you must have got all the information related to Free Fire Elite Pass. What is Elite Pass for Free? What are the benefits of buying Elite Pass in Free Fire? Why buy Elite Pass?

How many variants are there of Elite Pass and how many diamonds are needed to buy them. Next we will tell you how to get Elite Pass in Free File for free?

How To Get Free Elite Pass in Free Fire 2022

What are the requirements before getting the Elite Pass in Free Fire? I’ll tell you that. Your Free Fire ID must have at least 499 Diamonds. Only then can you get an elite pass in Free Fire. If you have 499 Dianonds in your Free Fire account then you can buy Elite pass in Free Fire.

To get Elite Pass in Free Fire, you can follow our given step by step steps.

  • First, open Free Fire and log in with your ID.
  • After Free Fire is fully open, you will see the icon of Fire Pass on the home screen, click on it.
  • Here you will get to see two types of Fire Pass.
  • The name of the first is Free Pass and the name of the second is Elite Pass.
  • You have already got the Free Pass and you have to upgrade the Elite Pass.
  • To buy the Elite pass, click on the upgrade option.
  • Now you will get to see two forms of Elite Pass in front of you.
  • The first is the Elite Pass and the second is the Elite Bundle.
  • Now select any one of these two.
  • If you select Elite Pass, then you will have to pay 499 Diamonds and in return your Elite Pass will be unlocked.
  • With this you will get new mission missions every day. After completing the gin, you will get the rewards given in the Elite Pass.
  • If you select Elite Bundle then you will have to spend 999 Diamonds.
  • After that you will get all the rewards given to you in Elite Pass immediately.
  • You don’t need to complete any kind of mission.
  • Select any one of the variants of the Elite Pass you wish to buy, such as the Elite Pass and the Bundle Pass.
  • Now you have a Popup Notification will come that do you really want to buy Light Pass?
  • You have to confirm.
  • After clicking on the confirm button, your Free Fire ID will be deducted from the diamonds.
  • If your ID does not have a diamond, it will ask you to top up.
  • Here you can top up recharge in your Free Fire.
  • How to recharge Topup in Free Fire? We have already written an article for this. You can read it if you want.
  • In this way you can get elite pass in Free Fire.


Get FREE Elite Pass In Free Fire 2022

You have just learned above that how to get the Altave Pass in Free Fire? After reading the above information, you must have come to know that to get Elite pass in Free Fire, you need to have Diamonds. Now it comes to FREE Elite Pass In Free Fire 2022.

To get the Elite Pass for free in Free Fire, you first need to add Diamonds to your account. Money is also needed to add diamonds. That is, it costs money to add Diamonds to Free Fire. But there are some ways by which you can get free fire diamonds absolutely for free.

What are these methods? Next we will tell you in detail. As soon as you add diamonds to Free Fire for free using the methods described by us, after that you can get Free Fire Elite Pass from these diamonds. Friends, now you must have come to know that how to get elite pass in free fire for free?

Now let us tell you in detail how diamonds are taken for free in Free Fire.


Google Opinion Rewards is the most popular app till date. Which you can earn credits on Google. You can also use credits to buy diamonds in Free Fire. Just install this app from Play Store , after that you have to login.

After login you will see available surveys . They have to complete to earn credits. To get more frequent surveys, you always have to have your device ‘s GPS and Google Location History turned on. Once you earn enough credits, you can use it to buy diamonds .

Get Free Elite Pass From Gamezop.

Gamezop is a gaming application with the help of which we can earn money by playing games and get free diamonds in Free Fire . You will get to see two types of methods to earn money from Gamezop and get free fire diamonds, in which the first method is very easy and simple while the second method is a bit difficult. So we know about the first method.

If you Gamezopapp then send your Dostonco you Prateyk Refer according to ₹ 5 will get the Pason was clocked at Gmejhop after the money may be in direct Paytm and Paytm you Google Play to Redeem Code can buy. Free Fire him redeem code Free Diamond can take. In this way, using Gamezop, you can get a lot of free fire diamonds .

5. Local Vocal App

Local Vocal This is a news app. With the help of which we can also read news and we can earn money in it. To earn money in Local Vocal or Free Fire Diamond Earn , you have two ways in which it is a bit difficult. Let’s talk about the first way, in which way you can earn money in Local Vocal and get Free Fire Diamond.

Another way is Refer and Earn . If you refer your friends, then you get ₹ 6 Per Refer . Apart from this, if the person you have invited uses this application for the next few days, then you will get ₹ 100 more extra. After earning money from Local Vocal , you will get the option of Paytm to redeem the earned money . By transfer you can get diamond in free fire. In this way

Epilogue –

Friends, this was our article full of information today in which we gave you complete information about Elite Pass of Free Fire. Like what is the Elite Pass in Free Fire? What are the types of Elite Pass in Free Fire? And how to buy Elite for free? What are the benefits of buying Elite?

We have given you every small and big information related to elite pass in today’s article. Hope you liked this information and got to know something new from it. Tell us what you think about this article by commenting. Do share this information-filled article with your friends so that they too can get complete information about it.

If we have not shared any information related to Elite Pass with you, then definitely tell us about that too. So that we can give you complete information about that too, thank you!

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