Garena Free Fire V-Badge redeem codes: Real or fake?

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Free Fire offers a wide variety of profile and ID customization options, and many wish to incorporate the coveted V-Badge into their accounts. However, it is unavailable to everyone and may only be obtained in a specific method.

Nonetheless, there have been several misconceptions in the game’s community regarding the existence of a redeem code that will get users the V Badge for free. This frequently confuses fans, prompting them to seek legitimate answers on the availability of the V-Badge in Garena Free Fire.

Note: The game is banned in India, and users from the country must not download or play the game on their devices.

Are Free Fire redeem codes for V-Badge real or fake?

Although Free Fire redeem codes can supply gamers with various incentives such as characters, pets, and even diamonds, they cannot deliver the V-Badge. As a result, all such codes available on the internet are entirely bogus and will never work.

As revealed in the OB25 patch notes of the game, there is only one official way to receive the V-Badge, i.e., to join the Partner Program. For those unaware, it is an initiative by Garena to help content creators gain more exposure by providing them with exceptional benefits.

If gamers are still interested in acquiring the V-Badge, they may apply to join the Partner Program. They will have to meet all these requirements to be eligible:

Furthermore, if they are chosen, they will earn several other rewards/perks in addition to the V-Badge. Here’s a list of them:

Steps to apply

Step 2: A Google Form will show up, where individuals must enter all the required details.

Step 3: Readers may submit the form to complete the application for the Partner Program.

They must then wait for the developers to respond. Due to the limited space, not every user will be picked, and Garena will choose only the best applicants.