Garena added the Football Fable calendar in Free Fire MAX: Calendar Revealed

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A few days ago, Garena officially confirmed the Football Fable campaign for Free Fire and Free Fire MAX. The themed events and their rewards were expected to go online on December 2, 2022. However, the rollout began on December 5 for the Indian server, as the publishers unveiled these football-themed events along with an exclusive calendar.

As of December 5, 2022, the Football Fable calendar is now visible in the in-game events section. Besides this calendar, fans can also check out the ongoing events, which offer both free and paid rewards. The Football Fable campaign is expected to last until December 18.


Garena added the Football Fable calendar in Free Fire MAX, showcasing the campaign’s forthcoming events in December 2022

The game’s developers have introduced the Football Fable campaign to celebrate the ongoing FIFA World Cup. Therefore, this in-game series of events will go offline after the day of the World Cup final. The events that Garena has introduced through the newly-unveiled calendar for Football Fable include the following:

New Mode

  • Football Squad mode (A new game mode that allows players to compete in a 4v4 soccer game): December 5 to December 18

Free Jerseys

  • Token Exchange Store: December 7 to December 18
  • Aftermatch Drop: December 7 to December 18


  • Play Football Squad: December 5 to December 11
  • BR-Ranked exclusive: December 9 to December 12
  • Kill tasks: December 12 to December 15
  • Play missions: December 15 to December 18

Web Event

Goal or Troll: December 5 to December 18

The events that are currently active in Garena Free Fire MAX are listed as follows:

  • Football Royale (Paid rewards): A special Luck Royale section featuring jerseys, Football Tokens, Weapon Loot Crates, Diamond Royale Vouchers, and Weapon Royal Vouchers.
  • Arrival Animation (Paid rewards): A special Luck Royale section (Faded Wheel) offering the Knee Slide emote, Steady Go Gloo Wall, and several other items with a total price of 1082 diamonds (eight spins).
  • Football Treasures (Redeemable rewards): An event featuring multiple prizes obtainable with an exchange of Football Tokens.
  • Play Football Squad event: An event providing a Random Loadout Loot Crate and a free Magenta Football Parachute with the conclusion of five matches.


Here’s how players can access the newly added Football Fable content in Garena Free Fire MAX:

Step 1: Launch Free Fire MAX’s latest version on your device.

Step 2: Log in with your preferred alternative and tap on the screen to enter the game.

If you are using one, ensure that you bind your guest account to save your in-game progress.

Step 3: Tap the calendar icon and choose the Football Fable tab to access content from the events mentioned above.