Free Fire Weapon: This weapon of the game is very effective on enemies

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Garena, the maker of Free Fire, always keeps launching new weapons in the game to attract the players. Players also like the weapons in Free Fire. However, weapons are not easily available in Free Fire. To get these weapons, players have to kill their opponent, or they can also get these weapons through airdrop. 

These weapons are launched by Garena in the game from time to time through various means like events or in game store. However, sometimes you have to pay diamonds to buy them. Meanwhile, now Garena has launched a great and attractive weapon for the players of Free Fire. 

This news has been given on the official Twitter account of Free Fire. It reads, “The new weapon Royal, the Ice Bones Treatment Sniper, is now available. With more protection and a faster fire rate, it will prove deadly to your enemies and act as a friend to your squad.”

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The special feature of this ice bonus treatment sniper is that it has a very high ability to penetrate enemy armor. To bring down the enemy standing at a distance, this weapon will prove to be very beneficial for the players. Apart from this, this sniper also leaves fire at very high speed. However, the Ice Bonus Treatment sniper also has a drawback. The drawback is that players will not be able to move it easily. 

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From time to time, new events and items are being announced in the game by Garena, the maker of Free Fire. Recently, during the Heist Royale event that took place 3 days back, 2 grand prizes were announced. In this, the winning players were told to be given Red Robster Woodpacker and Endless Bullet Emot.

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