Free Fire Update March 2023, Changes, character and many more

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Free Fire will remove skill levels, bond system and do away with rules for unlocking characters.

The next Free Fire update is coming and the changes have already started to be confirmed by the Free Fire News portal. Scheduled to go live on March 22, 2023, the new version of the APK promises to bring structural changes to the Free Fire character system.

According to a Free Fire News portal source, Free Fire will make the character system more accessible to everyone. Among the main changes are the removal of the link system, removal of character and pet skill levels, as well as the balancing of existing skills.


Free Fire Update March 2023

In contact with Free Fire Mania , the developers informed details about the major changes that will occur in the Free Fire character system, check below:


Character system changes

We’re looking forward to bringing a major overhaul to the character system in this update!
We believe that the main content of the game should be accessible without any barriers. The beauty of Free Fire’s character system lies in the ability for players to mix and match skills according to their roles in the team, making characters one of the most important aspects of Free Fire’s gameplay. To reinforce this, we are making this system more accessible to everyone!


We’ve removed numerous barriers that prevented many of you from fully experiencing the character’s abilities. The list below shows some of the most significant changes:

Unlock abilities directly using gold.

No more confusion! Complicated character unlock rules have been removed, including the BINDINGsystem.

Character skills and PETs will no longer have varying levels.

All players can now have the same experience without the need to increase their skills.

Recommendations on using skills and combos for new players.

We’ve also added tags for each skill so you can filter based on your role on the team. In addition, the new preset system makes it more convenient to mix and match different characters and easier to understand different combos. There will also be skill tutorial videos to help you visualize the usage and strategies each skill can bring to combat.

Significant skill balance

Significant skill tweaks and balancing to prevent some skills from being overly powerful compared to others, which lessens the diversity of Free Fire’s gameplay. This optimization will continue for our next releases as well.

How is it decided which skills will be reworked?

First, we looked at characters in our popular game modes, analyzing them according to pick rate and win rate. Those that rank low on the chart will be prioritized for our next rework. During the rework process, we review whether a skill needs to have its stats changed or undergo an engine redesign. In the latter case, we ensure that the new skill mechanic is not the next formidable and mandatory skill and also increase the diversity of our gameplay.

Chrono’s skill tweak is an iconic example of how nerfs restore justice to our gaming environment. Initially, the “tuned shield” allows you to fire from within, which makes it very powerful. Considering the skill’s high selection rate, we adjusted the skill’s stats, but we soon realized that we needed to do more than numerical adjustments as the engine itself was hurting our ecosystem.

Finally, we’ve redesigned the Tuned Shield by removing its ability to shoot from within the force field, ensuring it is no longer a must-pick for all players, but better suited to specific team roles.

Player perception is another factor we take into account during reworks. Xtrema, one of our biggest reworks in this update , has a low pick rate, but its win rate hits our target. Clearly, players don’t perceive Xtrema’s ability to be as powerful as we developers had hoped.

Radical Damage ‘s original mechanic was an HP boost suitable for melee combat. However, using Radical Damage requires precise skill release timing, or else the HP boost will be wasted. In this update, we’ve significantly optimized the skill’s execution, eliminating HP drop and buffing Xtrema‘s battle stamina to make the skill worthwhile!

For future new characters, we are analyzing mechanisms not yet explored in Free Fire to offer you an entirely new game experience. Stay tuned!

While we are constantly finding ways to improve our character system, we also welcome any feedback from you! Be sure to leave a message on our social media!