Free Fire upcoming new BR rank season 26

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Hello friends, as you all know that free fire game is such a popular game, free fire game has completed 1 billion downloads in 2021, from this you can guess that free fire game is such a famous game and popular game is free fire only in India. Not only this, but it is one of the famous game of the whole world, whose cress onlyNot only in children but also in older people who play and enjoy Free Fire


Friends, you will know that the new rank season is coming soon in Free Fire, friends, there are two types of rank in Free Fire.
Cs rank
BR rank
Friends, today we will talk about some rewards of new season of BR rank in free fire.
Friends, when you go to Gold in BR rank in Free Fire, you will get to see the skin of a Spas Gun, whose attributes are going to be like this

+ Magazine

– accuracy

and friends you heroic in free fire
On going to the rack, a mail top will be given which looks amazing


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