Free Fire Unlimited Health APK: Is it legit?

Free Fire is a famous battle royale game in the world of mobile games. In this game also, like any other battle royale game, players want to kill each other to win the game. Sometimes players go on wrong paths to win and start using hacks or cheats. Unlimited health APK is one such hack of Free Fire.

What is unlimited health APK in Free Fire?

unlimited health APK is a modified version of the game client that does not allow players’ health to decrease throughout the game. Many videos promise to provide a similar mod version for Fortnite as well. Many new players do not know the disadvantages of using any such APK. Some content creators also recommend using them. Even if this mode works, it should not be used as it is considered illegal and will get your account banned forever.

This is a bland hack that is why its use is illegal. GARENA Free Fire has zero tolerance policy for cheaters. They have already made it clear on their website that using any third party application is illegal, it will be considered as clear cheating.


The Anti-Hack FAQ also states that modifying the game client or files, or playing the game using a modified client, is also cheating.

Any player who is caught doing any such thing, his account will be banned forever. The Anti-Hack FAQ also states that using such cheats will result in the device being banned.


Players are advised to stay away from all such APKs as it is illegal. We recommend staying away from these and do not promote anything like this.

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