Free Fire Ranked Season 25 details leaked, here’s the first glimpse of the upcoming rewards

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Free Fire has two separate ranking systems, namely Clash Squad and Battle Royale Mode. Apart from this, the developers have revealed that from December 20, Lone Wolf ranked mode will also be made available. With this mode gamers can play 1vs1 and 2vs2 matches in Iron Cage Map.

Both the current ranked seasons last for about two months and various prizes are awarded to the users for achieving a specific rank. The BR-ranked Season 24, which started at the end of October, is set to end by the end of this month.



Gamers are eagerly waiting for its result as they will have to move up the rankings again and get new rewards. Now users are waiting for Free Fire Ranked Season 25. Let us tell you about its possible release date time and all other available details.

Free Fire Ranked Season 24 will end on 31st December 2021. Free Fire Ranked Season 24 will conclude on 31st December 2021. Usually, the next ranked season starts only after a few hours on the same day. In such a situation, we can expect that Free Fire Ranked Season 25 can start around 2:30 PM Indian time on 31 December 2021.


After the end of the ongoing season, players’ ranks will be reset based on their current level. The highest level players will get is Gold II, and all users can start moving up their ranks to reach the higher tier of the game.

In addition, they will get season rewards based on their highest rank . Gamers can claim them through mail. Before the release of Free Fire Ranked Season 25, some information about it has been leaked. Knight Clown, a popular data miner, has revealed a list of banners and rewards for reaching the Heroic or Gold tier through some of his Instagram posts.

In the video attached above, you can catch a glimpse of the Heroic jacket from Season 25 and AUG – S25 Exclusive: Miguel.

In this Instagram post of Knight Clown, you can get a glimpse of the upcoming banners for the upcoming seasons.

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