Free Fire Permanent Gun skin Hack: hack permanent gun skin

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Free Fire Permanent Gun skin Hack: Free Fire is a very unique game, which a lot of people like to play in our India, so this question comes in the mind of people whether they can hack permanent gun skin in Free Fire. can. If this thought comes in your mind then we will answer all your questions in this post and also tell you how you can do free fire permanent gun skin hack.

Third party in free fire


Although you need to top up in ID to get any gun skin in the Free Fire game, when you top up inside the Free Fire game, you’re awarded diamonds that you can use to get any gun skin. You can also take things out very easily.

Free Fire game updates its guns every month and brings new new schemes inside the game so that people’s mind is to take that day and they want to look different, in this post we will know how we Free Fire Permanent Gun skin hack can be done.


Free Fire Permanent Gun skin Hack mod apk download

To pick up any gun inside the free fire game you need to have a good application that will allow you to take out the permanent gun inside the game.

Lulubox is a best application with the help of which you can remove any gun in free fire very easily, with the help of this application you can get many things absolutely free and permanent like – clothes, emotes pet, Gun skin, glue wall skin etc.

Follow all these steps carefully to get the permanent gun skin in free fire game so that you will understand how you will be able to get the permanent gun skin inside free fire.

  • First of all you have to go to the official website of lulubox .
  • After going to the search box given above, you have to search by typing Free fire mod apk there, which will bring an application in front of you.
  • After downloading this application, you have to select all the things that you want to remove permanently in the free fire game, after selecting the things, you can login to the game with your mail id so that you can get free fire I can enjoy any gun absolutely free of cost.


important Notice:

When you try to hack or cheat Free Fire game with the help of any third party application or tools, Free Fire may ban your ID forever, all the stuff that comes inside Free Fire is from Garena They are stored on the official site and not in the player’s ID, so you always have to keep in mind that when you do these types of things, you should not take them in your main ID, but please make them a guest account so that you can see them in future. Don’t be in danger.

There are many such applications inside the free fire game that are not supported and Garena bans these things very quickly, so you have to use all these things carefully so that you do not face any problem.

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how to download free fire max apk 2023 in jio phone

Perhaps you would know that nowadays many Jio phones have been launched in the Indian market and you will get to see a different operating system on all those mobiles. Because of this, many jio phone users want to play free fire game on their mobile, for this all jio phone users keep looking for ways to download free fire apk in jio phone.

Keeping this thing in mind, we tell you that every Jio phone user will be able to download Free Fire APK on his phone. The biggest problem is that you will not be able to play Free Fire game in Jio phone due to different busy in Jio phone.

So we can tell every Jio phone user that whenever, Garena company will launch any Free Fire APK Jio 2022 version for Jio phone, we will immediately update you guys in this article .


how to download free fire max in minimum mb

We know many of you want to download free fire max song in lowest MB due to low storage on your phone. You also have the same problem, just click on our above download link to install Free Fire game on your phone in less MB.

Because the APK file that you will get in the downloading that we have provided above is the least MB Free Fire APK file.



How to Download Free Fire APK?

To Download Free Fire APK in Lowest MB, Visit:

How many mb is free fire max game?

Free Fire game is 349.8 MB.

Free Fire max vs PUBG: Which one is better?

Garena has written an article on Free Fire vs PUBG, you can check it.

How to download garena ff max apk 2023 in jio phone?

Till now ff apk is not launched for jio phone. We will let you know whenever Garena company will launch the game separately for free for Jio phone.


As you can see, today in this article, we have discussed in detail the complete method of Free Fire max APK Download 2023 for you. It has also been discussed in this section that how to download Free Fire APK game 2023 in Jio phone and play it. Hope that by reading this article, you would have found a solution to every problem related to Garena free fire game 2023. After this, if you have any question regarding Garena Free Fire APK, then you can ask in the comment box given below.


Last thing:

So friends, I hope that we have explained to you very well that how you can hack Free Fire Permanent Gun skin inside the free fire game , but we will not be responsible for this because in any way the free fire game Harming your ID can get your ID banned, so we would request you to stay away from all these things and play a good game.


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