Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download

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Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download: Nowadays everyone wants to be a pro in Free Fire. Other pro players will not play with you until you become a pro. If you don’t play with pro players, you won’t win Free Fire matches. Requires a lot of things, such as a lot of diamonds, all the characters, and above all, beautiful clothes to become a pro player, Free Fire Mod Apk is the best way to get it all for free. In this article, we will discuss Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds Download and I will explain whether it is advisable to use Free Fire Apk or not, so let’s start without any delay.

Free Fire Mod Apk

First of all know that what is Free Fire Mod Apk after all, some players will have little knowledge about it. Nowadays the trend of online games is increasing rapidly. Our lovely game Free Fire is also an online game but there are some games on play store that can be played without internet ie offline games.

Now all files and data of offline games are saved in your phone. Some wrongdoers in OBB folder inside Android folder learn coding and create mod apk, which automatically edit files in your phone. Mod APK contains codes that unlock all in-game items. Free Fire is an online game, so all files and data in this game are saved on Free Fire’s servers, not on your phone. Now the question is, does Free Fire Mod Apk still work? Before that let’s know basic information about Free Fire Mod Apk.

Mod APK Name Free fire mod apk
Version 1.60.1
Updated On 08-Apr-2021
Downloads 50,00,00,000+
Offered By Garena International Private Limited
Released On 20-Nov-2017
Official Download Link Official Version Free Fire
Availability Android And IOS



Features Of Free Fire Mod APK

Now let’s talk about some features of Free Fire Mod App.

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#1. Unlimited diamonds

With the help of Free Fire Mod Apk you can have countless diamonds in your account and probably diamonds are the main reason why you are looking for mod apk. If you have unlimited diamonds in your account, you can buy everything you need to become a pro player in Free Fire.

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#2. Unlimited Gold Coins

Gold coins don’t matter much in Free Fire because you can only buy select items with gold coins, but gold coins will help you level up the character. You can use them to pick up many clothes from Gold Royal. You will get countless gold coins in this Free Fire Mod Apk.

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#3. Auto Aim

How many times has it happened to you that the enemy is running away and you try to shoot at him, and not a single bullet hits him. I know this has happened to you many times. But now this will not happen because this Free Fire Mod Apk comes with an auto-m feature i.e. every bullet fired by you will go straight to the enemy.

#4. Auto headshot

This is the unique feature of this FF Mod Apk, you need to shoot 20 bullets to kill the enemies, but if you hit the head of an enemy, he will die in just five shots. In this Free Fire Mod Apk you get an auto headshot feature, so it doesn’t matter where you are aiming. The bullets you fire are automatically attached to the enemies’ heads.

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#5. No Recoil

Sometimes recoil bothers players while playing Free Fire. It happens that the enemy we shot does not connect with the bullets we fired, and all the bullets pass through it, but now it will not happen at all because in this Free Fire Mod Apk you get the feature of No Recoil .

#5. Anti Ban

If you use mod apk, your account can be terminated for ten years, but in this mod apk you can enable the option of anti-ban. After allowing this option, no one can detect that you are using a mod APK. This feature is authorized by Free Fire. You can use this feature to protect your account.

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#6. Wall Hack

Many a times you must have felt that someone is shooting you even though you are on the cover. It is because of this feature. If you turn on this feature then all the walls and houses in front of you will disappear. And you will only see the enemies. This is a wonderful feature.

#7. Unlock All Gloo wall Skins

In this mod apk, you will find all the glue wall skins already unlocked. You don’t have to buy them, and you can even make use of this unlimited glue wall feature by enabling the Unlimited Glue Walls feature in Free Fire.

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#8. Fly cars In Sky

You can use this secret feature to fly any Free Fire transport into the air and be sure you will love this feature the most. All you have to do is enable the option to fly in the sky and after allowing this feature, your vehicle starts flying in the sky.

#9. Fast run

By using this feature, you can increase the escape speed of your Free Fire character many times more and this feature will help you a lot in avoiding enemies. Because of this feature, you will be able to stay in the game for a long time. You can enable it by clicking on Settings.

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#10. Long Jump

You can enable this feature and jump very high. You can go to the roof of any house in just one jump. Due to this feature, you can easily climb the bimashakti bar, factory roof and belfry chimney. Keep in mind that you can use this feature only three times in a match.

#11. Unlimited Health (Hp)

We only get 200 HP points when we start a match, and our health starts to drop every time someone shoots at us, but that’s not the case anymore. In this mod apk you will get the facility of unlimited health points. If you enable this option, you will not take damage from enemies, and your health will never decrease.

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#12. Unlimited Ammo

If we do not have gun ammunition, it is not easy to find new ammo. In this mod apk you will get the facility of unlimited ammo. This feature will help you a lot in close combat with SMG ammo guns.

#13. All characters Unlocked

Free Fire only has two characters, which are already unlocked. The rest of the characters need to be bought by giving us diamonds, but in this Free Fire Mod Apk, you will find all the characters already unlocked, which will help you a lot to become a pro with their great skills. Some of the characters’ names that you will already unlock are as follows –

  • dj alok character
  • K character
  • Josheph Character
  • Jay character
  • Chrono Character
  • Skyker Character
  • Jota Character
  • Rafael Character
  • Alvaro Character
  • Hayato Character
  • Shani Character


#14. Unlimited Items In Loadout

In this mod apk you will get Unlimited Bounty Tokens, Unlimited Bonfire and Summon Airdrop. In Loadout you will also get all the essentials unlimited.

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Hidden Features Of Free Fire Mod AP

  1. Unlimited grenades
  2. Unlimited Mushrooms
  3. Unlimited Loot
  4. Level 3 loot everywhere
  5. Unlimited Magic Cube
  6. All characters updated to max level
  7. All Premium Bundles Unlocked
  8. all emotes unlocked
  9. All Vehicle Screen Unlocked
  10. all parachute lock
  11. All Backpack Skins Unlocked
  12. Unlock all Surfboard skins
  13. All Loot Box Skins Unlocked
  14. all pet unlock
  15. Unlock all belly pet skins
  16. All Avatar Unlocked
  17. All Banners Unlocked


Minimum Requirements to Run Free Fire Mod APK

Here is the list of minimum requirements for Free Fire Mod APK to run smoothly.

Minimum Requirements for Free Fire PC Mod Apk

  • Antivirus software must be installed
  • Minimum Ram – Minimum 4Gb
  • Processor – Core i3
  • Operating System – Windows
  • SSD – Minimum 256 GB


Note: You will need a heavy graphics card to install Free Fire Mod Apk on your PC. If your PC gets hot while running Mod Free Fire Apk then you can use some extra CPU cooler.


Minimum Requirements for Free Fire Android and iOS Mod Apk

  • Minimum RAM – 3 GB
  • Android version – Minimum 5.1.1
  • Screen Size – Minimum 6.3 inches.


You can use any number of game boosters to increase gaming performance while playing Free Fire. Game Booster also protects your phone from heating issues and lag issues.

Disadvantages Of Using Free Fire Mod Apk

Everything has two sides, good and bad. Free Fire Mod Apk also has two sides. We have already mentioned the good Means Benefits of Free Fire Mod Apk but here is the list of disadvantages of Free Fire Mod Apk, must read it before using any mod version for Free Fire.

very insecure

If we download Free Fire from Play Store, it is safe, but if you download Free Fire from any other website, the APK can damage your phone and leak your data. Make sure that the website from where you are downloading Free Fire is trustworthy or not. If that website is safe and reliable, then download Free Fire from it.

Your account may be banned

Free Fire hates all these mod apk’s, and if Free Fire’s anti-cheating system catches you that you are using third-party mod apk, it will terminate your account immediately, and after that, You will not be able to play Free Fire.

How to Download Free Fire Mod APK

Now back to the main topic, How to Download Free Fire Mod Apk. Now I’m going to tell you the truth. I already told you that Free Fire is an online game, and all the data of online games is saved on their servers. Similarly, the data of Free Fire like how many diamonds are in your account and everything else is in the Free Fire server. Now the data of Free Fire becomes very secure due to being saved in the server so now there is no mod apk available for Free Fire.

I know you must have felt a little bad after hearing this but friend it is true. Now you must be thinking that there is an article on Others website called Free Fire Obb+mod Apk Download, so what exactly is it? This is the same version of Free Fire that is available on the Play Store. The only difference is that if you download from Play Store, it will download directly, but if you download from this type of fake website, you will have to download the OBB file and APK separately.

I know you just want to download Free Fire Mod Apk to get unlimited diamonds. Do not worry. We have a safe way to get unlimited diamonds without mod apk. Click on the link below

Free fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download

As we said earlier, there is no mod apk available for Free Fire but you can get unlimited diamonds by following the steps given below –


  1. First, if your Free Fire game is not updated to the latest version,  click here to update it  . If it is already updated, you can proceed to step 2
  2. Now  click here  , and you will get the list of diamond codes for unlimited diamonds. just copy any three of those codes
  3. Now Open Free Fire Redeem Codes Website From Here   And Log In With Your Account
  4. After logging in click on redeem code and redeem all codes one by one which you have copied from our post
  5. Now all you have to do is click on Redeem and then go to Free Fire and collect all the mails and after collecting all the mails you will get a lot of diamonds.


Now let’s talk about glue walls, emotions and characters. You can unlock them for free with the link below.

Free fire mod APK unlimited diamonds download for pc

Since Free Fire is a mobile game, you cannot play the mod version of Free Fire directly on your PC. You need to install an emulator to run Free Fire on your PC. We have given below link of Free Fire Mod Apk for PC version link. Click on it to download Free Fire for PC.


Q – How to download Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds 2021?


Ans – There are many free fire mod apk available but they are unsafe. No mod apk can provide unlimited diamonds in free fire, and if you use modded version of free fire your free fire account will get banned. So don’t download this type of mod apk for unlimited diamonds. It is better to download the official Free Fire from Google Play Store.


Q – Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Coins & Diamonds Download Is it safe?

Ans – As we told you earlier, it is illegal to use Free Fire mod apk. It may harm your device if you still download it, so please don’t use mod apk and put this idea out of your mind because Free Fire mod apk no longer works.


Q – How to get Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Working MOD APK?

Ans – Try as much as you can but you are not getting working mod apk for free fire because garena keeps a close watch on all these and keeps updating free fire from time to time so that no one can cheat, So please stop searching. For Free Fire Mod Apk, this is a request.


Q – Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Health?

Ans – If you want unlimited health in free fire, then you don’t need to use any mod apk. Simply unlock the DJ Alok character and the Panda, and they’ll automatically increase your health every 60 seconds.


Q – Is there any latest version of Free Fire Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds?

Ans – After Ob27 update there is no Latest Mod Apk available for Free Fire. You can download the official version of Free Fire from the Google Play Store instead of the mod APK.


Q – Can I get unlimited diamonds in Free Fire without using Free Fire Mod Apk?

Ans- Yes why not. You get unlimited diamonds without using mod apk. You just need to follow all the legal methods to earn Free Fire Diamonds. I have already written a detailed article on this topic. For more information on how to get free diamonds without mod apk, you can visit our website.


last word:

Free Fire Mod APK Unlimited Diamonds Download: I hope you liked this article on Free Fire Mod Apk. Please share this article with your friends. Most importantly, we do not recommend using Free Fire Mod Apk, nor are we with it  . Please do not use Free Fire Hack Mod Apk. You Can Comment Below To Win 10000 Free Fire Diamonds.

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