Free Fire Max: Unable To Survive Till The End In A Solo Match, Follow These Tips

Playing solo matches in Free Fire Max is not easy at all. Most players get out early. If you too get out of the game quickly while playing solo, then below are some tips which will help you to stay in the match for a long time.

Story Highlights

  • Free Fire Max is the most played game.
  • It is quite difficult to play solo in this.
  • Some tips have been given, by which you will be able to survive in solo matches.

Free Fire Max is one of the most played games in India. Its graphics and gameplay are quite unique, which provides a better gaming experience. In this, many players like to play solo matches, but they are not able to survive for long. If you are one of those players, then we are going to give you some tips here, by adopting which you will be able to easily win the solo match. Let us know the useful tips.

nice booty

The first thing you should do in a solo match of Free Fire Max is to get a good loot. Try to collect better guns and more medical kits at the beginning of the game. Doing this will help you a lot in staying in the match for a long time.

landing location

To last longer in a solo match, land in a location with fewer players. This will give you time to collect items like guns and grenades and prepare yourself for fights.

If you’re an aggressive player, land on hot locations like Moathouse, Cape Town, Mars Electric, Golf Course or Refinery. During this, keep in mind to land on the edge of such a location.

try to stay in safe zone

Try to stay in the safe zone while playing solo matches. By doing this you will remain in the game and will be able to keep an eye on every activity of your enemies. This will help you stay one step ahead of your opponents.

Fast response and headshot

The response time should be quite fast in hand-to-hand combat. With this you can kill opponents by dodging their attacks. Apart from this, try to score as many headshots as possible during the match. This reduces the enemy’s health by 90 percent in one go and it becomes much easier to kill him.


There are different types of weapons in Free Fire Max. If you are playing solo, then you should use close range and long-range weapons. You will get guns like MAG-7, M1187, M1014, AK47 and SCAR-L for close range, while for long range strikes you can use rifles like AWM and M82B.

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