Become a victim of the enemy as soon as you enter Free Fire Max, follow these tips

In Free Fire Max, you are out of matches as soon as they start, so below are some tips which will help you to stay in the game.

Story Highlights

    • Free Fire Max is a popular battle royale game.
    • This game is played a lot in India.
    • It is very difficult to survive in this.

Free Fire Max is one of the most played mobile games. This game is very much liked in India due to better gameplay, intense matches and great graphics. It is quite difficult to survive till the end. Most of the players become victims of the enemy as soon as the match starts. If you are also one of such players and get out of the game quickly, then there is no need to worry. We are going to give you some tips in this article, so that you will not die early in the match and will help you survive till the end.

Land at a safe location

Usually players land in Free Fire Max locations where the number of other players is high. Because of this the possibility of early exit increases manifold. Don’t make such a mistake. You land in a safe location (a place with fewer players) at the beginning of the game. By doing this you will not be out of the game early and will give you time to do better items.

Stay with the Squad

Stick to your squad to avoid getting out of the game early. The advantage of this will be that even if you become a victim of the enemy, your team members will save you. This will help you survive till the end of the match.

Must collect on Medi pack

Collect as many medical kits as you can during a match in Free Fire Max . With their help, you will easily withstand enemy attacks and will not be out of the game quickly. With this you will be able to survive till the end of the game.

Do not get involved in unnecessary battles

In Free Fire Max, it has been seen that most of the players get involved in unnecessary battles, due to which they easily become victims of the opponent and get out of the game quickly. Don’t make such a mistake. Attack only when you get the chance. At the same time, if you get stuck in the fight of other teams, then use Gluewall to get out of there and increase your health.

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