Free Fire Max Hack Auto Headshot, ff max Hack Auto Headshot

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 Friends Free Fire Max game is a very played game in our India country, which has been downloaded the most in the year 2020 We are going to give you step by step and complete information that how you can do setting in free fire Max game.

Friends, setting up free fire max game is very easy and simple, but updates keep coming in free fire every day, due to which people do not understand which is the best setting for free fire game, if you also have this in your mind. If this type of thought arises, then you do not need to worry at all because today in this post we will tell you Free Fire Max Headshot Setting?


what is free fire max game

Friends, before setting the free fire max game, we get a little information about the free fire game so that we can get an idea of ​​how this game works and how to do the best setting in this game.

The Free Fire game was launched in the year 2017, after which this game has become very popular, not only children play this game but even the biggest people like to play this game. In Free Fire game you get to see a lot of things like clothes, elite passes, guns, amots, pets etc.

Well this is absolutely free game but you need diamonds to get things in this game and if you don’t have diamonds then you can’t take a lot of things. For information, let us tell you that to get diamonds in the free fire max game, you need to invest money which is deducted from your bank account, friends, now you must have understood what is free fire, now we will tell you that free fire How do you set up?


Free Fire max Hack Auto Headshot

To set up the free fire game, you have to follow all the steps given by us very well, with the help of which you will be able to make very good settings in the free fire game and if you are not able to get headshots in your game then this setting With the help of this, headshots will start in your game too.


1. How to do Basic Settings of Free Fire Max?

As long as the basing setting of Free Fire means that here you are given some options which you have to fix if you turn on your option then you may have to face a lot of problems in the game so if If all these things have not been set correctly in your game, then you can set all these things correctly by looking at the photo below.



2. How to set sensitivity in Free Fire Max?

Sensitivity has a lot of role in free fire game because in this game you need sensitivity setting to hit headshots , friends sensitivity setting means that when you move your mobile screen from side to side then your How fast does the player spin and if your player takes too long to turn around, it can hurt you that another player can easily turn and hit you and you will not be able to turn on his side.

That’s why you should do the sensitivity setting in Free Fire game, so that you can eliminate any player inside the game very easily. Here we are giving an image below, seeing which you can correct your sensitivity setting and this setting is very important setting in Free Fire game.



3. How to Correct the Sound Settings of Free Fire Max?

Friends, when you download the game new, then a music keeps playing in your game, due to which you have to face many problems, if you do not know how to set the sound, then nothing to worry, we will give you a guide below. We are telling through the image that you have to do your sound properly in this way so that you too can listen to the voice of your friends in Free Fire and talk to them.

Music setting

4. Free Fire Max Auto Pickup Settings

In the free fire game, you must have seen that when you land at some place and after landing when you run to get the goods, then if you go near a gun, it picks it up automatically, friends, you also have to set it. Because if you pick up unnecessary things, it makes your bag full, and you can’t carry a lot of things. That’s why it is very important to call auto pickup setting in free fire game, you can correct auto pickup setting in your game by given here way and make your game play very good.


Friends, hope you have liked the information given by us on how to set up Free Fire, if you liked this information, then you can share it with your friends on social media and if you have any information related to this information. If you want more information then you can comment us in the comment box. We will definitely reply to all your comments.



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