Free Fire Max: Complete information till now

Ever since the beta version of Free Fire Max was announced, every player has been talking about it. The name itself suggests that this will be a better version of Free Fire and many improvements will be seen in it. In this article we are going to talk about the initial information related to Free Fire Max.

Free Fire Max: Complete information till now

This game will be exactly the same but the graphics, maps and other things will be better.

There will be visual effects and animation movements. Also, vehicles, safe zones and other things are also going to change. Many changes can be made in Free Fire Max, players can choose classic or new sound effects as per their choice.

People of the current version will also be able to shift to Free Fire Max and this will strengthen the player base.

Players will definitely have to create a new account for this. They will be able to enjoy the game from their existing accounts and will be able to transfer their settings and stats to the new version.

For Free Fire Max, Android should have at least 2 GB RAM and Android version should be 4.4 or above. Any player using iPhone 6S or bigger phone in iOS can also play this game.

Right now the game is in beta stage and no information has been received about the release date of this game yet. Last week, beta testing of Free Fire Max started in Bolivia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Soon it can be sent to other countries also.

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