Free Fire Invisible NickName trick: How to Get FF Invisible Nickname in 2024

Explore the Free Fire Invisible Nickname trick: Distinguishing oneself with a unique name adds a sense of exclusivity in the game. Various methods, including the use of Unicode 3164 and other characters, can be employed to achieve a special, invisible nickname in the battle royale title. Applying this trick is straightforward, and players can accomplish it within a few minutes. The process of creating an invisible name in Free Fire is detailed below.

How to Get Invisible NickName in Free Fire using Unicode 3164

Combine Unicode 3164, or Hangul Filler, with invisible Braille characters for unique moves in the game. The unseen or blank name is distinctive and sets players apart when entering a battle royale title.

A few examples of the text you can create are as follows:

1) ⠊ ⠊ ⠇ ⠎ ⠑ ⠑

2) ⠑⠎⠎⠇⠇⠊

3) ⠗⠎⠎⠊ ⠊

4) ⠝⠧⠝⠧⠑

5) ⠯⠗⠎⠇⠇

6) ⠎ ⠑ ⠑⠗⠎⠇

7) ⠑⠎⠎⠗⠎⠎

8) ⠝⠧⠑⠗⠎⠇

9) ⠗⠎⠎⠝⠧⠑

10) ⠊ ⠊ ⠇⠗⠎⠇

To acquire an invisible name in Free Fire, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Notes app on your mobile device and paste Unicode 3164. Easily find Hangul Filler on the internet; it functions as a blank space.

Step 2: Once you have Unicode 3164, paste 5-6 different Braille characters next to it.

Step 3: Then you have to copy and paste the entire text while changing your name in Free Fire. This will provide you with a blank name in the game.

How to Change Free Fire NickName in 2024

To change your name and use the invisible name trick, follow the given steps:-

Step 1: Turn on Free Fire and go to your in-game profile by clicking on the avatar in the top-left corner.

Step 2: You have to tap on the icon near your nickname. This will open the “Change Nickname” dialog box.

Step 3: Enter the invisible name text you created and complete your name-changing process.

You should note that changing your nickname in the Battle Royale game costs 390 diamonds or a name change card, so it would be best if you are willing to bear the cost.

Apart from this trick, you can also try fancy names in Free Fire by adding unique symbols and other characters.

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