Free Fire India: Return to Play Store to be launched on this date

The developer of Free Fire has added Free Fire India to the Play Store . On which day is Free Fire India going to launch? We will try to give you all the information, so read the post till the end.

Free Fire India Remove

On December 2 , Free Fire India was removed from the Play Store, leaving all the players very disappointed. Their hope was that now Free Fire would launch soon, but as soon as it was revealed that Free Fire India has been removed from the Play Store, players were disappointed.

Free Fire Remove Reason

The rule of Play Store is that if an app is pre-registered and it is not launched within 3 months, then Play Store removes it. Therefore Play Store had removed Free Fire India.

Free Fire India Launch date

Now Free Fire India has been included back in the Play Store. All players are very happy with this, and if you do not know then you can go to Play Store and search.

Free Fire India has been included in the Play Store, but when will Free Fire India be launched, this question is in the minds of all the players.

Free Fire India is likely to be launched in the month of January itself , hence the launch of Free Fire in this month is not yet decided.

Why is the launch of Free Fire India delayed?

Free Fire India was ready, but it had an engine called ‘Unity’. However, now the developers of Free Fire are working on Unreal Engine 4, and there is a lot of work left in it. For this reason Free Fire India has not been launched yet.

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