Free Fire Father: Free Fire Father Name

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This question is being searched a lot on the Internet. So I thought why not you should be provided complete information on this. However, apart from this, both the game players are also searching a lot, whether PUBG came first or Free Fire? So you are going to get all the information in this article. By the way, both the games compete with each other.

But the fans of these two games always compare among themselves, PUBG is dangerous or Free Fire. Apart from this, which game is the father of Free Fire? This question is in the minds of people and children, in the same way PUBG players are also not behind. He also keeps searching on Google, that you can read this post to go to Pubg Ka Baap Kaun Hai. So let’s know who is the father of Free Fire.


Who is the father of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is an Action Mobile Game. But if we talk about both Free Fire and PUBG games, then India has the highest number of PUBG Players. But the most active users of both the games is the Free Fire game. Now it comes, who is the father of Free Fire?

Let us tell you that the Free Fire game was launched before PUBG. Because of which we can call Free Fire the father of PUBG Mobile. But if we look at the popularity of both the games, then the father of the Free Fire game is PUBG , because it gives you a better gaming experience with graphics many times better than Free Fire.

Note – The thing to note here is that it is very difficult to compare both the games. Because both are each other’s father. But if you like Cartoon Graphics, then you will like Free Fire more, because most kids like Free Fire game. And if you want a realistic graphics, then PUBG will give you the best experience.

How is PUBG the father of Free Fire?

  • As already mentioned above, it is a bit difficult to compare the two. But still you can choose the best of the two according to your own choice. Rest let’s talk, how is PUBG the father of Free Fire –
  • If we talk about the download of both the games, then the total downloade of Free Fire is 1 Billion. The total download of the same PUBG game is 4.7 Billion. So somewhere or the other, PUBG is the father of Free Fire.
  • Now let’s talk about the rating of both the games, then Free Fire Game has a 4.1 rating on the Play Store, which makes it the best. And PUBG Mobile has a rating of 4.3 on the Play Store, here PUBG lags a bit behind, in terms of rating from the Free Fire game.
  • Talking about Free Fire Vs Pubg Graphics Comparison, there is no doubt about it, because somewhere in the case of Free Fire Graphics, it is absolutely useless in front of PUBG. Same if we talk about the graphics of PUBG, then PUBG Mobile gives you great fun of the game with absolutely realistic graphics. While playing PUBG, you get completely lost in its graphics. Because all the things in it seem completely real to you.
  • If we talk about the mobile performance of both the games, then the size of Free Fire Game is 744 MB, which easily goes in a smartphone of 1 GB RAM as well. And if we talk about PUBG Mobile Game, then it is a 1.7 GB game. Which requires a smartphone with at least 4 GB of RAM to play.



Frequently Asked question

When was Free Fire launched?

Free Fire game is launched on 23 August 2017 on Android and iOS by Developer and Publisher – Gerena, it is a Battle Royale, Multiplayer Game.

When was PUBG launched?

PUBG Mobile was launched on 20 December 2017 by Developer and Publisher – PUBG Corporation. PUBG’s Designer, Producer – Brendan Greene and Kim Chang-Han. The PUBG Mobile game was launched on Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia. This is a Battle Royale, Multiplayer Game.

Is it Safe to Play Free Fire Games?

Yes, it is completely safe to play the Free Fire game, because Free Fire blocks all such accounts, which it thinks are stealing data, or tampering with the script of the game in some way. Is. You can play Free Fire absolutely safely. There is no danger of any kind in it.

Is Free Fire Game Absolutely Free to Install?

Yes, you can install Free Fire game through Google ID from Play Store for absolutely free. But if you want to play Free Fire on computer or laptop, then for that you have to install BlueStacks on your PC or laptop, then you can play Free Fire on computer or laptop. 

Note – This article was about Free Fire game, in which you have been told, who is the father of Free Fire I hope you must have liked this article. If you liked this article, please do share it with your friends. If you have any question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting.

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