Free Fire Account Ban: If you are also involved in these activities, then be careful now

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Cheating and illegal activities are most commonly used in online battle royale games these days. Due to this, users have to deal with a lot of problems. Many users easily win the game by using illegal activities. Online games like Free Fire and BGMI have started tightening such users.

BGMI Such accounts have already been banned forever by At the same time, Free Fire has also made full preparations to take strict action against the users who use illegal activities.Garena It is clearly written in the guidelines of Free Fire, that illegal activities in the game will not be tolerated and such accounts will be banned.

Free Fire will take action on the accounts related to these activities

1. Free Fire has clearly written in its guidelines, that the accounts of users who are hacking or cheating during the game will be banned.

2. The account of users using illegal or any third app in Free Fire will also be banned.

3. If Users use any device that may affect the game or give them an unfair advantage, the account will still be banned.

4. If a user modifies the model file of Free Fire for any reason, that account will be banned.

5. If a user is repeating the same thing over and over, for which he has been stopped by Free Fire, then that account will also be closed.

By keeping all these things in mind, users can save their account from closure. If users are not involved in any such activity, then they have nothing to worry about. Free Fire closely monitors every activity of that user before closing the account.

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